Dancers Bust Michael Jackson’s Moves On The Set Of “Hollywood Tonight” Video

Personally, our choice for the next single off Michael Jackson’s posthumous collection of unreleased tunes Michael (you didn’t forget about that one already, did you?) would have been the menacing synth jam “Monster.” Alas, maybe the powers that be felt Lady Gaga already has a corner on all things monstrous? Anyway, production on the video for MJ’s Teddy Riley-produced song “Hollywood Tonight” is underway. Head below to watch dancers pulling their best Jackson moves out for the clip. Hate to say it, but “Hollywood Tonight” really isn’t the best choice for a single. In addition to the chorus lacking, well, actual thought-out lyrics (other than “she’s going Hollywood, she’s going Hollywood tonight…”), the vocal is so digitally enhanced—likely due to the fact that the original demo available was very minimal—it barely sounds like it’s Michael singing.