Dancers Bust Michael Jackson’s Moves On The Set Of “Hollywood Tonight” Video

Personally, our choice for the next single off Michael Jackson’s posthumous collection of unreleased tunes Michael (you didn’t forget about that one already, did you?) would have been the menacing synth jam “Monster.” Alas, maybe the powers that be felt Lady Gaga already has a corner on all things monstrous? Anyway, production on the video for MJ’s Teddy Riley-produced song “Hollywood Tonight” is underway. Head below to watch dancers pulling their best Jackson moves out for the clip.

Hate to say it, but “Hollywood Tonight” really isn’t the best choice for a single. In addition to the chorus lacking, well, actual thought-out lyrics (other than “she’s going Hollywood, she’s going Hollywood tonight…”), the vocal is so digitally enhanced—likely due to the fact that the original demo available was very minimal—it barely sounds like it’s Michael singing.


  • Scarlett

    Why are they even making this video? I want to hear every snippet that Michael left behind but I don’t want to see a video without him. Sha-moan is right.

  • Eliane

    It seems to me that the video will be beautiful, but I hope see pictures of Michael.
    Michael we love you forever.

  • Anna

    Though I love the song and I do love the album I have to admit the enhancement that they did to MJ’s voice did quite a bit of distortion. Similar to that of the Cascio tracks. I believe it’s MJ’s voice but it isn’t recognizably hsi voice and that’s a shame, especially in this case where they are releasing it as a single and making a video. Too bad they didn’t use songs where the vocals were more complete.

  • shell517nj

    all things monstrous gaga, got all things covered? seen it all before. ha! can’t wait to see the video. i’m sure it will rock.

  • chris

    I find it hillarious that you have stated that Monster should be the next single instead of Hollywood Tonight and that you state that the vocals on Hollwood Tonight barely sound like Michael Jackson.

    The general concensus amongst MJ fans is the opposite way around. The vocals on Monster are, well, Monstrous. Teddy has confirmed the vocals were recorded in a home studion and have been heavily processed. MJ fans have protested that they are not real because of this…

    On the other hand, the vocals on Hollywood Tonight have not been processed and were recorded by MJs long term partner in a legit recording studio. MJ fans have accepted this song as being real.

    You have your logic completely wrong and need to get your ears tested. Just saying.

  • http://google LoLo

    agree 100% HT is not that good , maybe 1990 but not in 2011 ,and MJ’s voice is hardly recognized ,,a very bad choice but this was the fan’s wish,,,,

    personally i love Monster it is very up to date and very radio freindly song…even a video of this song can have alot of MJ’s photos with paps and cameras around him,,,,but most MJ old fashioned fans did not like it ,,it was very hip for them ,,,anyway best luck MJ.

  • Jahngo

    The three Cascio’s tracks are a fake. “Monster”, “Breaking News” & “Keep your head up” are the biggest fakes in music history since Milli Vanilli’s.

    Really is an impersonator who’s singing there. His name: Jason Malachi.

    Michael Jackson NEVER wrote those songs.

  • Tom

    To clear thing here, the song Monster is FAKE, i mean, Michael wrote the lyrics and then Sony used a Michael Jackson voice impostor because this is one of the many songs Michael wrote but did not sung, there are no demos with MJ voice for Monster, only Michael’s handwritting…

    In Hollywood Tonight , its is MICHAEL SINGING, is not a voice impostor, Monster is actually one of the fake songs.. one of the ones that the voice impostors did…

    I really like Hollywood Tonight, i love it. and i love the story for the song.

  • Watson

    All the songs are MJ singing. It is stupid to think Sony would risk having a fake record those. Some are simply better quality recording than others. The Cascio tracks were done in a home studio, but they are still MJ.

    My choice for a new single would have been “Behind the Mask”.