David Archuleta Discusses Parting Ways With Jive In New Video Blog

David Archuleta has unfortunately been “released from [Jive]‘s roster”, and he’s no longer with WEG management, either. What’s a lost Idol alum to do now that he appears to be a free agent? Archie, despite circumstances, sounded as sunny as the weather in a video he posted online to explain the situation with Jive and his management. The singer also reassured his precious Arch Angels that he’ll continue to make new music — in fact, he’s been solely focused on writing all by himself. Watch David’s fan vlog below.

“The President of Sony, Barry Wise, who is also over at Jive records, has left the company. And same with my A&R guy, Jeff Finster… he’s no longer there, too. So, a lot of people have been leaving, they’re changing as a company. And I’m changing as an artist, and I’m changing the direction I’m going, too. There were offers to continue working with them, but it didn’t feel like the right thing.”

“I need to start going in a different direction,” he continued. “It felt like the right time to part ways.”

In respect to him no longer under the same management, Archie says, “I realized this is not where I need to be right now.”

David’s career may be up in the air at the moment, but getting dropped by your label certainly doesn’t mean it’s the end. As Buzzworthy points out, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have both been dropped by their labels before kickin’ ass on the pop charts and obtaining monumental success.

Plus, we know how insanely supportive his fanbase is. We think he’ll be a-okay.

  • VJ

    Thanks for posting this! What a shame..the media had to distort the truth for the sake of sensationalism, when all David did was not renew his contract when it came up. I’m so proud to be his fan right now. He absolutely did the right thing by leaving JIVE. Why stay where you’re not supported? I stayed at a job I hated for 9 years, and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Can’t wait to see where David heads next!

  • nora

    why does Buzzworthy compare David to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, David did not get dropped by his label Jive, they wanted to keep him, but HE made the decision to leave them. Please clarify this.

  • sunny

    The media made it sound like David was “dropped” by Jive when in reality he was “released” after his contract was up with them! He could have stayed if he wanted to but wanted to move on in a different direction. In a 7 minute 58 second vlog David put a positive spin on what is going on in his life and career and calmed the fears of his fans. I will always be a fan of his no matter what he does because he is an amazing talent and human being!!

  • nanz

    So the truth comes out from the man himself: David dropped Jive and not the other way around. David deserves to be with a label who gets his musical genius, integrity and values and be willing to promote him well, especially for radio play. Well done, David! We’re excited for bigger and better things to come…’Love your album The Other Side of Down, it’s totally amazing!!!

  • Katheryn

    I’m thrilled David Archuleta has escaped from Jive. Ciara, another Jive artist, has been begging to be let go too. Like David, she has suffered from the lack of support coming from the label, and has felt pressured to compromise her artistic vision. I’m certain she’d love to trade places with him right about now.

    David left Jive with class and dignity. He doesn’t ask for our pity or point any fingers of blame. He’s growing up and learning that he can now take control of his own destiny.

  • trudyfod

    You are right…David’s fans are the best and we will always be here supporting David and each other in whatever career decisions he makes. I’m glad David is taking control and heading in a direction he is happy about. I can’t wait to hear/see what he does next.

  • jesse

    Time for a change? Sounds like he changes his direction in music as Jive made some changes in management. The difference is that he wants to control his music and eventually his life rather than others control his music like so many professionals involved in his songs. He is trying to grow as a complete artist unlike someone who is a puppet controlled by an army of adult professionals like a behavior coach, a flirt coach, a dress coach, swagger coaches, Usher, adult songwriters who suck up tweens’ parents money.

  • Miss VIcki


  • glenn

    I LOVE daViD archuleta! in the hours of my tribulation!