Lady Gaga’s MAC Viva Glam Commercial Is Elegant, Creepy

When you get Lady Gaga as your spokesperson, you have to be prepared for things to get a little… weird. So we’re certain the fine people at MAC cosmetics gave a hearty “Sure!” when the “Born This Way” singer wanted to promote their Viva Glam products with an unsettling 2-minute abstract film featuring bedazzled skulls, a martini with something (or someone?) floating inside it, and tons of ghostly imagery. Behold the creepiest lipstick ad in history below the jump.

It’s like David Lynch teamed up with Iamamiwhoami to sell makeup.

Head to the Viva Glam site to hear a special message from a latex-wrapped Gaga.

  • Iliana

    They are trying too hard to get to today’s audiences :/

  • Elmo

    OH My god???/ people like you depress me

  • Elmo

    Not gaga the lliana

  • me

    what was that all about shees

  • ya’ll be stupid

    you need to GO TO THE SITE. SEE it for yourselves. IT IS TIME SOMEONE STOOD UP TO HELP PEOPLE instead of tearing them apart.

    and if you took the time to realize THE YOUTH are taking control. Exerting pressure on things and establishments that NEED TO CHANGE.


  • Mike

    LOL you don’t get it, this video is not just selling makeup it is selling safe sex.

    Do even know what the MAC Viva Glam campaign is about?

  • John

    I actually thought it was okay kind of soothing and relaxing why is it creepy? Shes done way more unusual stuff before.. people need to get over it this is actually alot less risque than some of her other stuff.