Chris Medina From ‘American Idol’ Still Trying To Make You Cry

American Idol contestant Chris Medina wasn’t good enough to nab a spot in the Top 24 (though his departure did make Jennifer Lopez sob), but who needs a reality competition when you have super producers personally writing songs for you? Chris tells PopEater that he’s recorded a tune called “What Are Words” with none other than Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (responsible for dozens of hits from Britney, Gaga and Michael Jackson, among countless others). Get your heartstrings pulled below.

Chris, you may remember (because it was mentioned every single time he was on camera), had one of Season 10′s saddest back stories: his fiance, Juliana, was in a car crash two months before their wedding, and became partially paralyzed with traumatic brain injuries. Chris is now her primary caretaker.

Chris tells PopEater about getting hooked up with Jerkins:

“A [short] time after I had gone on the show, I got a call saying, ‘Rodney Jerkins wrote a song for you, and he wants you to come in and hear it.’ You know, I’ve always known who Rodney Jerkins was and that he’s worked with some pretty big people, but I had no idea that he was THE man. Flattered is not even a good enough word. I was just 100-percent honored to be working with someone like him and that he gave me this opportunity.”

He’ll also be performing on The Tonight Show this evening, so get your Kleenex ready — or, if you’re over hearing about Medina’s sob story, keep your eyeballs well-lubricated, as they’re sure to be rolling quite a lot.


  • Donna

    Instant career! Fantastic!

  • Donna

    BTW, he did make me cry! The words and him singing it, NAILED IT!

  • Donna

    Listened to it again and again. I can not get enough! I am so happy for him ! Please, Chris, do not change! Listen to what you are singing! You have a beautiful, beautiful girl who needs you! The grass is always greener on the otherside! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    This is the kind of song you would like ot hear at wedings I hope this is not the only song this man everysings. It goes both ways. I do not understand why idol cut him but boy would I like to hear more of his voice.

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