Lady Gaga Gives Birth To Her “Born This Way” Video

The music video for the #1 song in the country has arrived. But like the fact that “Born This Way” isn’t just any chart-topping single (it’s the 1000th #1 on the Hot 100), this isn’t just any music video—it’s a Lady Gaga video. And Mother Monster has given birth to quite a dark epic this time. Watch after the jump.

“Born This Way,” which was co-directed by Nick Knight and Haus Of Gaga (and choreographed by Laurieann Gibson), starts off with a pink triangle, a unicorn (take that, Ke$ha) and Gaga describing the manifesto of Mother Monster, who we see give birth to a new race of beings without prejudice. She also gives birth to evil.

This, of course, leads the pendulum of choice to do its dance. Well, duh!

“Born This Way” (the song) finally kicks in as an alien-looking, bra-and-underwear-clad Gaga and her dancers bump and grind around on a blacked-out set. Later we see the Grammy winner in a tux with long pink extensions, painted to look like a skeleton and standing with heavily-tattooed model Rick Genest, who appeared in her “Scheiße” remix video. (You didn’t really think her obsession with death had gone away just because she’s singing about new lives beginning, did you?)

The creepy “Born This Way” video stands in contrast to the bright, upbeat message in the song itself. (Did we really need to see all the goo at the beginning?)

It also has a similarly dark feel to that of  the Steven Klein-directed “Alejandro.” Even the machine gun imagery is carried over from that one.

So let us know, Little Monsters—did Lady Gaga deliver another Grammy-worthy clip this time?

P.S. Did she always have that big of a gap in her front teeth, or is that yet another wink at Madonna?

  • Manucillo Jerry Germanotta


  • DJ

    The initial story concept of the birth of good and evil is intriguing, however the video soon falls apart with poor dancing, cheep costumes, and little variety in regards to storytelling. This video does a poorly written song no favors. I’m sure it will get well over a million hits, but will be forgotten in the years to come only to dug up and dissected on VH1 ten years from now by B-list comedians.

  • Drayke

    Great video! Don’t worry DJ, it’ll get far more than a million hits. 100+ million within the next several months is more likely (and I’m not trying to be clever, that’s just the kind of numbers she pulls in on sites like youtube time and time again with her videos.) It’s a fun, bizarre video that really makes me think of all the wonderfully strange things I’d see on tv as a kid in the 80s.

  • Erika Brooks Adickman

    eyeball chin? now, i’ve seen everything.

  • Brandon Hall

    *prepare* for a shocker

    I actually liked the video, the dancing looked only about a billion times better than that ugly grammy performance far less chaotic.

    Sure there was lots of unnecessary imagery but that can be said about the entire length of Britneys new video.

    The bar has officialy been re-set

  • musicismylife88

    Lady Gaga’s shock factor has allowed us to become jaded to her videos. I consider myself a Little Monster, but am disappointed that she was so unoriginal in this video.

    I really enjoyed a cover of Born This Way by a young girl named Avery. She sings and gets the lyrics across without the fancy and obscure costumes and imaginative set designs. Here’s the video:

    I really hope Lady Gaga can shock us with something simple like this in the future. Obviously this is a dance number, but maybe do a stripped down acoustic version of a song soon. PLEASE LADY GAGA, you don’t need to be half-naked to hold our attention!!! Who else agrees?!

  • Kokym8

    the beginning is really interesting but there was many WEIRD DISTURBING SCARY stuff !
    but once the song starts the whole video becomes BORING ! and i mean really BORING
    i stopped it like 5 times ,i went to eat and then continued it and then stopped it again i went to the bathroom and then i stopped AGAIN and then made a tea !
    and and and and ………cuz i got BORED really bored
    i was expecting something EPIC but gaga is no more the creative gaga
    she copies and do boring videos and can’t dance and all what she care about is “sex” !! the video shows so much skin and has MANY sexual scenes ! …what has those stuff to do anything with the song !! i thought she will make a really touching video about bullying and stuff but noooo she preferred the sex and the nasty image ! what A LOST gaga !

  • Kokym8

    I AGREE ! the video is sexual !! she was touching her stuff at the part “don’t be a drag just be a queen” so since when a queen wears a bikini and touches her sexual parts front of the people !?

  • http://mn lol

    this video sucks…she is getting so predictable!!!

  • Al3

    I’m disappointed and a little disgusted by this video… Pssh. And I thought Alejandro was naughty… Oh well. I’ll dismiss this video from my mind and just continue loving her like How I did before. ^^

  • Peter

    I’m disappointed
    Gaga is an Icone
    but video is Bizarre and sexual
    gaga is excellent singer excellent artist
    i love gaga but this video nothing is original and is no longer the same original
    sex sex sex no gaga youre original:(

  • doller

    yes I like this video,not a sexual. dancing is good

  • Eva Fonda

    Lady Gaga worship Baphomet (the devil)
    This is Satan’s work, she is a devil worshiper.

  • DAM

    a unicorn (take that, Ke$ha)?
    Wt’s the purpose of mentioning this? It’s so naive and stupid~
    Lady Gaga ISN’T the one who invents unicorn.

    And this video SUCKS SO BAD~ really disgusting

  • Lily Anna Li

    At least Britney’s video had meaning, from comet (kanye west vid reference) to rise of fame and beginning of stardom and fans (rising white gowns) and battle against herself in her creative process (paint splatters). After her creative process is over, her “demons” (doube) calm down. (lie on top of each other) It can also be viewed as her breakdowns. Then she rises once more as a star with the dance number in the last part. No part was part there just because. The ads were to FUND THE EXPENSIVE VIDEO (think about ALL THOSE TV SETS) because artists have to pay for their own music videos.

    And GaGA has done wayyy more ad placements, so don’t hate on Brit. GaGa did that plenty of fish dating site before britney. And just fyi, britney got over 500K for her ad placement to pay for the video, wouldn’t you do that too?

  • Lee Johnson

    Until now i still like “Poker Face” video…but now i was boring with this video…..always…devil..devil…..please Gaga, you can do more better than this…….truth is…i’m really dissapointed with your song “born this way” and now dissapointed with your video…..sorry, i just give you an input from your fans…thx!

  • eidan

    She just sucks. Plain and simple.
    She copies EVERYTHING and than says she’s was “inspired”…

    The song is totally an “Express Yourself” rippoff, the video ripps of the Mautnas intro…
    She just can’t seem to think of ANYTHING by herself! Like I said (I’m inspired by myself now): She plain SUCKS!

  • jboo

    ok….. britney is the queen the meaning of this vid is awesome but gaga just did some major over kill on the whole im weird and the world likes it. on every site this video has been posted the negative comment out way the good ones and u “cant” say the same for britney spears on that one. its britney bitch!

  • jboo

    i love ur comment i totally agree mo foes just wanna hate on the queen. i would say we’ll see when grammys and the vmas come around but more or less these days they let fans do the voting and gaga has so many blind followers that i don’t think britneys bitches will stand a chance but we all know who rules based on comments and online ratings

  • em

    interesting video…great song

  • Amy A.

    WOW!! Very different, but Gaga is an original. Thank God!!!! She is far more interseting to hear about than Justin Bieber.

  • Rosanna Miller

    I like Lady Gaga, as a beautiful, unique woman and Artist.

    Her songs have a great dance beat and they are enjoyable!

    When I heard the song before seeing the video, I really liked the message but once I watched the video, the message changed. See I love the message about God, He does not make any mistakes….true. When He created Lucifer, He was good. When Lucifer made the choice to rebel and start war against His Father and became Satan, he made his own choice to become bad…do bad. Therefore, God did not make a mistake but everyone is not God, so each person must make choices for him or her self, whether they make mistakes and keep making them.

    Nothing really new in her video compared to most Artists today. This is neither good or bad, it is what it is though. Selling things as if it the best thing for everyone, without care for anyone but their own self….so wow, whatever.

  • Jaded

    oh, *please*. at least Bieber is a real, impulsive human being. the things he gets into, whether they make him look like a jackass or not, are the result of him being a normal teenage boy. everything he does, he does because it’s what he would do naturally. he’s the polar opposite of Gaga, whose every action and outfit is contrived. every little appearance she makes is calculated to see what will give her the most publicity. she no longer acts like a human, but a shock-machine. i would much rather hear about the “Whacked Up Adventures of Teenager-hood” starring Justin Bieber, than I would the latest “creation” of Lady Gaga’s

  • shelly

    I LOVE GAGA….but this video well raised a eyebrow. Love the dancing she looks SO HOT!!! But not sure about the whole beginning part and the part where she is with the guy where they look like death. And what was the ending? Michael Jackson,Madonna? I am a bit confused….But I STILL LOVE GAGA!!!!

  • http://Twilight SHIREEM


  • slambox21

    Lmao reading these comments i can tell none of lady gaga fans speak any english. Makes sense why she’s so popular. The typical american justin bieber\taylor swift fan wouldn’t be in to this horror porn stuff. Too bad her songs are just as generic.

  • Naing Thu Soe

    I like born this way so much. Mother monster tell me we will born this way.