Birthday Girl Ke$ha Jumps Out Of A Plane

Justin Bieber’s pop colleague and birthday twin Ke$ha turns 24 today, and we’re planning to celebrate K-Dolla’s big day just how she would — by getting krunk with a bunch of unicorns and passing out in an empty hotel pool, of course! How can you join in the festivities at home? By watching the “Slutwave” queen sky-diving in Australia. (The vid popped up mid-February, but we’re just now catching it, and we couldn’t pass up posting it.) Watch the glitter maven soar through the air like a gin-soaked feather after the jump.

Happy birthday, you Hollywood-sign-tampering, roadkill-wearing, classy-quote-giving animal. And here’s our b-day present to you — sacks of rainbow-colored glitter:

114 Glitter Bags

Don’t use it all in one place!