David Cook Records ‘Idol’ Send-Off Song “Don’t You Forget About Me”

Mar 3rd, 2011 // 12 Comments

Good thing for American Idol that they now have enough famous alum to team up with to do some cross-promotion. Season 7 winner David Cook recorded a cover of Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” (from The Breakfast Club soundtrack, of course) as this season’s send-off song. The timing is pretty perfect — Cook is in the studio putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album, and we would not be surprised if the LP was set to be released not long after the Idol finale in May, where he will no doubt be performing this cover. Listen to it below!

David Cook – “Don’t You Forget About Me”

And here’s a bespectacled David in the studio with Entertainment Tonight:

His number one piece of advice he gave to Idol winners Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze who followed his big win? “Sleep whenever you can.”

We will not hide our unabashed love for David Cook. It’s been more than a minute since he’s been relevant, but he’s still so charming. Are you as excited as us for his next set of tunes?

  1. Does the word “adorkable” describe David? Absolutely. The song’s alright, but anything that raises David’s profile (aside from scandal) is fine by me.

  2. KJ

    I guess I like it. Kinda pissed he took this long to come out with somethin and it’s not even his song. Oh well

  3. Maru

    Ok, fine. It’s him, I love him… and I already loved this song.

    But, Why made us wait so much for a cover? :S

  4. mm

    Not impressed with the send-off song. Maybe it will sound better on the show? Big David fan & looking forward to his CD

  5. Ivonne

    David recorded this cover for Idol’s elimination song. He will release a single soon from his sophomore album, this single will be written by him, soon -soon people be patient, and lets enjoy the cookie crumbs!
    a happy David Cook fan :)

  6. ladynsearch

    So loving this song. Cannot wait until HIS songs come out on his upcoming record.

  7. Nicole

    Brings back a lot of memories,David is doing a good rendition of this oldie. Can’t wait to his new album though…..Loved it

  8. Tom

    Cook can bring it!

  9. janet

    I’m more than excited for the new album, and I’m sure no one is more frustrated than he that it took so long. It should be worth it though – all songs are his co-writes, including at least one with his bandmates Neal Tiemann and Andy Skib. Some people are disappointed that a cover rather than original song be used for AI, but all of the songs on the album were written and recorded long before AI tapped him to do this. This cover, and his performance of it are perfect!

  10. ZMH

    still one of the best vocal ever among the idols, but this song isn’t his best style. stick with powerful ballad.

  11. This Idol elimination song is just an extra treat and is separate from his upcoming new album (for which he wrote/co-wrote every song) and any single from that album. Idol’s creator and executive producer Simon Fuller chose the song and then asked David to record it, which is considered a great honor. The last 2 Idol winners to do boot songs, Carrie and Ruben, also did covers, so David also doing one is not surprising. As for the song, David gives a new, grittier spin making it more powerful than the original, and IMO, this is EXACTLY David’s style (and if you’ve ever seen him live in concert, you know what I’m talking about!) In the meantime, the best is yet to come as we eagerly await the forthcoming sophomore album and its first Cook-penned single.

  12. Nicole

    I think this song is perfect for a send off and also to remind those that have been under a rock that he’s been busy with this album and it’s coming. I figured he would release another song from his album on the show before he sings this one for the finale ( I did put in a request that he sing it live every week-I know much). I think it’s so funny how happy I was just to be able to pre-order. This will be release as a single on tues so they will start playing it on the radio, right. Are there any plans for a video for this one?
    ***NOTE: I hope to God they release more than on the other album and really get behind all of his new songs-I’m still mad they didn’t at least release “LIE” and so many others really, bonus tracks too. Maybe, put the evolved version of Lie as a bonus for some online outlet-then release it!!!!

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