Butt Heads With Usher In His “More” Video

Given that Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond track “More” got a bouncy dance-pop RedOne mix for radio, we were expecting an equally energetic video for the current Top 20 single. Instead what we get is a jarring series of close-ups of Ush’s face mixed with some live footage. Clearly, breaking the bank for the “More” clip was not on recent Grammy winner Usher’s mind. Guess the video was just an afterthought, given that the song has been steadily lodged in the charts and on radio playlists for the past three months or so?

There’s not really much, uh, more to say about “More.” If your idea of a good time is having an angry, snarly-looking Usher get up in your face, then by all means—have at it!

Maybe he should have just stuck with those two teen-directed videos from last year?

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