Kylie Minogue Tears Up On Australian TV While Discussing Cancer Battle

One of our leading hot pop star imports, Kylie Minogue, was interviewed by cowboy hat-wearing Australian TV personality Molly Meldrum on the Channel 7 show this weekend, and though the pop goddess probably signed up for the chit-chat to promote her tour, she mostly discussed her personal life. When Meldrum brought up her battle with breast cancer, it unsurprisingly brings up some emotional memories, and Kylie excuses herself to the bathroom to compose herself. Watch below.

Meldrum inquires about the possibility of Kylie having children and marrying her longtime boyfriend Andres Velencoso — both questions met with vague answers — but the singer was much more forthcoming when discussing her battle with cancer.

“I don’t know how I did it myself, actually,” she says, regarding the time she was performing while still undergoing treatment. “It was an important part of my recovery.”

She adds, filled with joy: “At the end of this month, I will reach my five year mark [being cancer free]”.

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