Jennifer Hudson Believes In Herself In New Track “I Got This”

Jennifer Hudson looks fabulous, and sounds even better. The R&B diva boasts about her rise to fame in the Stargate-produced tune “I Got This”, off her sophomore album I Remember Me. Listen below, and just try and convince us J-Hud shouldn’t be Hollywood’s number one choice to fill Whitney Houston’s shoes.

Jennifer Hudson – “I Got This”

“Every single breath another step on my road / I’m from the South Side trying to get to my goal / Ain’t no stopping me, come on follow me if you feel the need / Better believe I got this,” effortlessly sings the Chicago native on this inspirational mid-tempo ballad.

I Remember Me drops March 22.

  • vertigoshtick

    At least her grammar is consistent.

    • Becky Bain

      Ha! Good observation.

  • shuan

    She sounds great!!!! Can’t wait to buy this cd.

  • norma

    To all you HATERS Jennifer Hudson graduated with honors. Now, speaking of grammar. I hope you haters can spell SUCCESSFUL, because that is Jhud. She is living her dreams. While you people talking bullsh*t!!!

  • SB

    GREAT track, can’t wait for 3/22 to grab this album knowing J-Hud is giving her fans exactly what they want. Huge fan of the first single “Where You At”, grab the single on itunes if you haven’t yet