Avril Lavigne Raises “What The Hell” On The ‘The View’

We’re assuming Avril Lavigne didn’t party quite so hardy while celebrating the release of Goodbye Lullaby at her album release party last night — the pop star was able to wake up bright and early this morning to perform her lead single “What The Hell” on The View. What the hell — watch below!

Avril Lavigne — “What The Hell” (Live)

Avril recently told Billboard about the difficulties of making the album she wanted because of conflicts with her label:

“The biggest challenge and only challenge of this album was my record company [RCA],” says Lavigne. “I found myself in a situation on my fourth record with a bunch of people at the label who I didn’t know, and they’re coming in on my project and saying, ‘Here’s what we think you need to do for your record,’ and giving me their vision. And radio’s so rhythmic/dance-driven right now, and that’s not where I was going with this record. So I had to fight and say no, but… I ultimately made the record I wanted to.”

She and Lupe Fiasco should meet up for coffee — they’d definitely have a lot to talk about.