Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best” About Performing With B.o.B. On ‘SNL’

Pretty much any up-and-coming artist would find a shot at being the musical guest on Saturday Night Live priceless, so what song could possibly be more appropriate than Jessie J’s “Price Tag”? Last night, many American viewers likely laid eyes (and ears) on the red-hot UK import for the first time as she delivered a very animated rendition of “Price Tag” (joined by B.o.B. midway through), then signed off with an even more energetic take on lesser-known Who You Are tune “Mamma Knows Best.” Take a gander at both performances below.

By now we’ve certainly seen and heard “Price Tag” a number of times, but Jessie seemed to be giving the ditty extra oomph last night (and being joined by B.o.B. this time around surely didn’t hurt matters). Witness the dude-like diva’s belting at the end of the performance — somehow those pipes still manage to amaze us.

But it was even more of a treat to hear something fresh from the Brit songbird, and “Mamma Knows Best” delivered the right mix of sass and vocal savvy we’ve come to expect from Selena Gomez’s muse. Though frankly, we’d have been captivated if Jessie J had done high-kicks in those ripped stockings and that fuchsia leotard for three minutes even in total silence. Contrary to the title of the song, we highly doubt Jessie J’s mother had anything to do with those moves or that outfit.

It’s safe to assume Jessie J got America’s attention last night — oh, how far she’s come from performing in the subway!

  • Dan

    What is up with artists not wearing pants these days? I’m sorry, Jessie, but I think you’re a little better than that outfit. Although, I don’t blame her for wearing it if she feels like she has to keep up with the other skanks in the game.

  • Jo

    Hey Dan I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed if you had a lovely looking lady stretched out on your bed wearing such an outfit as Jessie J did in her performances! Maybe you’re just bitter coz you haven’t got anyone sexy in your life at the moment? That’s the word I’d have used to describe Jessie J’s fabulous outfits – sexy – not skanky as you suggest. Her outfits remind me of something worn by a burlesque performer more than that of a street corner hooker – but maybe you’re an expert in skanks and know better than me?