Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Rolling Papers’ Track Listing Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

Time to roll out the Green Carpet — Wiz Khalifa has released his track listing for his upcoming album Rolling Papers. It’s hard to believe this is the major label debut for a rapper who so quickly became so ubiquitous, thanks in large part to the Pittsburgh Steelers and two hues we don’t care to mention here again. Chevy Woods, Too $hort, and Curren$y (what, no Ke$ha?) are it as far as featured artists, but there might be something prophetic about all those dollar signs. We sense Snoop Dogg’s high-spirited amigo may be seeing a lot of green in his future — take that how you will, and head below for the track listing.

Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers

1. “When I’m Gone” 2. “On My Level” feat. Too $hort 3. “Black and Yellow” 4. “Roll Up” 5. “Hopes & Dreams” 6. “Wake Up” 7. “The Race” 8. “Star of the Show” feat. Chevy Woods 9. “No Sleep” 10. “Get Your Shit” 11. “Top Floor” 12. “Fly Solo” 13. “Rooftops” feat. Curren$y 14. “Cameras”

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