Justin Bieber And Rascal Flatts Lament “That Should Be Me” In New Video

Mar 14th, 2011 // 4 Comments

Hey, remember when Justin Bieber chopped off his signature floppy locks last month? Now we get to see the final product of what he was working at the time he decided to go for the ‘do change—his video for “That Should Be Me,” a collaboration with hit country trio Rascal Flatts that appears on JB’s Never Say Never — The Remixes. Watch after the jump!

The Bieb appears properly angst-ridden while crooning with the Rascal Flatts gents in the clip, and so maybe he wanted his fans to feel a bit of pain, too, by switching up his longstanding hair style.

But Justin isn’t the only one looking a bit strained in the “That Should Be Me” video.” The first thing we noticed is that RF vocalist Gary LeVox seems a bit uncomfortable throughout the whole thing. Maybe he was just as thrown by the little riot-starter‘s scandalous haircut as the rest off us?

Note the the bit where the band is playing behind Bieber on the soundstage—LeVox sometimes seems like a deer caught in headlights, not knowing what to do with his hands one moment and then over-emoting the next.

No need to fret, Gary—at least Justin’s hair went to a good cause!


  1. Umm… Justin is so much better than that group Rascal Whatevers. He sings circles around them and also is very much more likeable in a video than those middle aged dudes.


  2. duda

    Justin Bieber hello I love you very very much

  3. That Shuld Be Me! I Love You Justin Drew Bieber… I Love You… <3

  4. Anahbell

    Thats bull. Rascal Flatts is infinte times better cause they sing about life and not just one specific girl like Justin Bieber.

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