Why Does Katy Perry’s France ‘Cosmo’ Cover Look So Familiar?

We couldn’t help but notice that there was something odd about Katy Perry’s cover of French Cosmopolitan magazine. That hair, that (meow!) leopard print leotard, that smile — it all looked so eeriely familiar. Granted, we’ve seen hundreds of photo shoots of the Teenage Dream — were we losing our minds or had we simply crossed over into the Pop Star Twilight Zone? Neither, thankfully! Head below and we’ll solve this cover spread mystery for you.

Elementary my dear, Watson! The ladyzine simply re-purposed the image from their sister publication in Australia, and by flipping the image and giving it a new background – voilà (as the French would say) it’s a new cover. We doubt Cosmo was trying to pull a fast one on us. We’re sure trying to find time in the firework‘s busy schedule for another photo shoot must be nearly impossible. Only one question remains, which Katy cover do you like best?

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