Listen To Two New Jennifer Hudson Tracks: “I Remember Me” And “Why Is It So Hard”

Jennifer Hudson’s sophomore LP I Remember Me isn’t set to drop for another week, but from what we’ve heard so far, it’s shaping up to be the R&B album of the year. She singer has lined up an impressive list of producers this time around, from R. Kelly and Polow Da Don to Swizz Beatz and even Mrs. Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys. But that’s not all — listen to the Ne-Yo co-produced tune “Why Is It So Hard” below, along with the album’s title track, produced by hitmaker Ryan Tedder.

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“What if this life is all that we are given? We just can’t stop living scared of what we’ll see / Cause in this world anything can hurt you, push you then forget you, stole my history / But I remember me,” J-Hud sings on this uplifting, uptempo ballad. Looks like Tedder and Hudson work well together — hopefully their collaboration doesn’t go the way of his working relationship with other Idol alum Kelly Clarkson. (Then again, they apparently managed to kiss and make up, so anything’s possible.)

We’re loving this one even more — “Why Is It So Hard” was produced by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony, about struggling through a relationship that is totally worth the trouble.

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“Why is it so hard to love you? So hard to stay? Why is it so hard to love you? But this is the one time I don’t care about the easy way.” This piano-tinkling number is a bit R&B, a bit doo-wop, and entirely contagious. Let’s hope this one gets the single treatment.

What do you think of J-Hud’s new tunes?

  • norma

    I really think Jennifer Hudson made a super come back with this new album. It shows alot of growth and maturity on her part. Yes, she have been through hell and back. However, the reflection of this album shows Jen as a much more clam singer. The versatility was always there, we are hearing alot of that now. I love every song this lady is amazing. Jhud is truely one of the greatest voice and vocalist of our time(most authentic!).

  • a gardner

    Jennifer, What can I say I absolutly love these songs.Girl, you have did it again. Everything you do is so awesome. I was a little worried for a minute but you came back stronger than ever. And losing the weight was an extremly smart move. love Ya