Aqua Return To Ask “How R U Doin?”

While Danish act Aqua took an extra long time to release their greatest hits collection (it came out in 2009—nearly a full decade since the release of their previous album Aquarius), they’re underway with prepping what will be only their third LP since their colorful pop confection “Barbie Girl” strutted into the collective popular consciousness back in 1997. Head below to hear the quartet’s new single “How R U Doin?” The intro to Aqua’s newest jam gives the impression of that Lene, Rene and the gang have found more than a little inspiration in Far East Movement’s “Like A G6” and Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.” But thankfully the tune contains enough of the band’s own trademark Euro-pop charm to keep things from veering toward total Copycatville.

“It’s time to party, ’cause the feeling is right / We wanna know now, are you ready to go-oh-oh-oh-oh!” helium-voiced Lene sings just before the bouncy chorus kicks in.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Aqua – How R U Doin?” dl=”0″] “How R U Doin?” was released across Europe this week, and naturally the single is already within the Top 10 on iTunes in Aqua’s home country of Denmark.

But while the single is absent from the U.S. store, the band did tweet the following today: “We’re working hard on getting the last iTunes Stores onboard for ‘How R U Doin?’ … Sorry for the inconvience ;-)”

Here’s the band in the studio, recording the first single from their third album.