Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Is Done — But You Still Have To Wait Six Months To Hear It

Kelly Clarkson informed fans that she recorded the final song for her fifth LP in late February, but it’s still going to be awhile before the album is released. “I recently found out that my album won’t be coming out until September,” the singer wrote on her Facebook page. “The album has been recorded but I can’t release it until then. I realize that is a long time but that’s the best time to release it apparently so I’m sorry for the wait but I promise you it sounds great!” Could her label be worried about pitting it too close to Britney and Gaga’s albums? Guess we’ll keep busy til then by listening to “Don’t You Wanna Stay” over and over again.

  • ted

    Disappointed about the LONG wait for Kelly’s next CD. But I know that it will be awesome. Hopefully, she’ll be releasing a single within the next several weeks. And yes, I’ve been listening to “Don’t You Wanna Stay” over and over and over – and thoroughly enjoying it..

  • cg

    I just have to say thay her label sucks for making us (including Kelly) wait that long. I would rather it come out in July than September by now. No doubt it will be great, Kelly has never made one bad album, she keeps on getting better with each record. :)

    I can’t wait till she leaves her greedy, crappy label when her contract is up.

  • lilkunta

    @ cg: My December was a bad album.
    I think RCA is waiting so she doesnt get forgotten amidst britney & gaga.
    But isnt beyonce’s cd comeing out in september??

  • cg

    @ lilkunta ‘My December” was not a bad album, it’s her best album to date. To the people who don’t like didn’t actually listen to it all the through. It’s a great album and totally underrated. Britney’s comes’ out in the next week couple of weeks, Gaga’s comes out in May. A July date woiuld be perfect. Her label still sucks, and now Kelly will be just sitting there doing nothing for months, she is bored and ready tour same goes for her band. Since her album will be coming out in September she’ll probably start her world tour until the beginging of next year which is ways away.