Lady Gaga Freaks Us Out On The Cover Of ‘I-D’ Magazine

Mar 18th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Out of all the various Lady Gaga looks we’ve seen over the past few years – and my oh my, have there been a lot – we think this jagged-faced “new race” Gaga, as seen on the cover of I-D mag, is our least favorite. Human skin stretched into points just gives us an icky feeling. Do you agree? Or is this a better fashion statement than turning Muppets into outerwear?

  1. Agreed! I love Gaga, but this is totally creepy, and not in a good creepy “Paparazzi” video way creepy.

  2. idolator, you have to understand that the face prosthetics are fake, they are made of latex.
    And they stand for imperfections that everyone has under their skin-but noone likes to show. Gaga steps that idea to another level and shows her true imperfections. People might not understand, but thats their problem and ignorance will get them nowhere. People have to *think* with Gaga and read between the lines. She is not a shallow manufactured artist like some popstars now a days. She is special. She is determined to take pop and culture and music to another level. And she will conquer.

  3. Franc

    This is art. Love it or hate it. Decades from now, when you put all of these covers together, it’ll all make sense. You get a little of everything, stretching the boundaries of human imagination and creativity. Do you ever consider Gaga dull? No!

  4. Jesse

    it’s suppose to give you an icky feeling??? HAVE you listened or learned anything from her Philosophy as of yet? I mean JESUS this is a music website, shouldn’t we be a bit more optimistic? it’s suppose to freak you out that’s the point. Her darkness is slowly but surely moving on a path towards the light. What if you took it a little more serious instead of throwing it all away like we do the rest of pop culture. At least write a good headline!!! This is not just a “LOOK” it’s something else. Be a little more thought provoking and generous, Please.

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