Jennifer Hudson Opens Up On ’20/20′

Mar 19th, 2011 // 3 Comments

With I Remember Me dropping this Tuesday and shaping up to be the “R&B album of the year,” it seems like a good time for the should-be Bodyguard star to reflect back on the bumpy road that got her here in the first place. Though J-Hud has seen her share of remarkable moments for a relatively new artist, it hasn’t been all Grammys and Oscars — during last night’s 20/20 interview, the “Angel” singer also opened up about how she coped with the tragic murder of her family members in 2008, amidst lighter fare like her first live performance and why she decided to slim down. Check it out below.


  1. Jennifer Hudson is truely an inspiration to millions all over the world. I love her warm spirit and very kind heart. One of the greatest female vocalist of our time. The lovely super star is amazing and incredible on all levels(most authenic). I love this lady and all she stands for.

  2. John J.

    This woman is all woman in every aspect of the word with beautiful emotions. She is so down to earth and God will continue to bless you “Angle”. We love you Jennifer Hudson, because so many of us can relate too you for being real. This Album “I Remember Me” will be an instint hit along with “Winnie”. Your first movie you won big and your first Album Best R & B Album Grammy what is next in such a short period of time. God has a lot more in stored for you such as winning more awards and continued happiness with both David’s. Like Norma stated, “you are one the greatest female vocalist of our time”. Thank you for giving us real singing again, the music industry is really missing good singers like you. your Music Reviews has been great ….loved your 40min concert in Atlanta, Ga. for V-103 Radio. Like Super Star Diana Ross you belong on stage your are so comfortable.

  3. Joe

    Good to see that such a talented woman is happy and living her life after she went through so much with her family. I am so excited for her new album Remember Me I just pre-ordered it here on iTunes

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