Watch Lemonade Mouth Rock Out In Their “Somebody” Video

We’re just a few weeks away from the premiere of Disney’s all new movie musical Lemonade Mouth, about a team of outcasts who meet in detention and decide to form one kick-butt band. The behind-the-scenes gave us a look at the Making Of Lemonade Mouth’s “Somebody” video, but today we get to enjoy the whole clip. Watch Disney’s latest rag-tag crew rock out during one killer house party below.

Lemonade Mouth — “Somebody”

The Lemonade Mouth soundtrack drops April 12, just three days before the world premiere on April 15 on The Disney Channel.

  • Anonii

    Why is Lemonade Mouth getting so much hype? It doesn’t deserve it.

  • bestsister

    Anonii, how can we know anything about the movie; it’s not out yet! The book was great and we luv this vidoe…soooo we’ll see! of course it’s hyped…thats how they do evrything (good *or bad), right! Either way, it really seems ‘different’ than all the silly kiddy stuff

  • Rastagerl

    Hype? Deserved. thats all i got to say, oh and watch okay

  • lemonade mouth rocks 123

    they are awesome exspeshaly Stella

  • lemonade mouth rocks 123

    im with you bestsister

  • crystal

    i love jstinbieber

  • go lemonade mouth

    lemonade mouth rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!