Kylie Minogue Steps Back In Time With A Pete Hammond Mix Of “Put Your Hands Up”

Ever wonder what our favorite saucy Aussie Kylie Minogue’s current musical output would sound like in the hands of her original producers, ’80s hit-making trio Stock Aitken Waterman? The closest we may ever get to finding out is the brand new lyrics video for Minogue’s Aphrodite dance-pop jam “Put Your Hands Up,” which features a mix of the tune by SAW’s legendary “mix master” Pete Hammond. Step back in time with Kylie below!

From the squiggly synths and the chugging NRG bass to the disco violins and retro font used for the lyrics, everything about this video has us reaching to dig out our Bananarama (and, of course, old-school Kylie) CDs!

And oh, yes, there is cowbell.

The North American leg of Minogue’s Aphrodite Les Folies tour kicks off April 28 at Montreal’s Bell Centre.

  • John

    I want a video for this song that has Kylie performing on Top of the Pops circa 1988. Could we hook that up please?

  • Paul

    Great song, fantastic remix, I even love the vid! But what do you mean time to dig out the old-school Kylie CDs? I’ve had mine out since the 80s! :-)

  • jason

    this is the best mix! where can we download it ?

  • Pascal

    I want it, I want it, I want it!!!

  • tashaa

    i lke every thing music is my partner i wch so soon download it

  • Donald

    It’s getting a lot or air-play on The Scene Europe, Mark Grant Show, 6-8pm.