Chris Brown Invited Back To ‘Good Morning America’

Chris Brown’s window-shattering backstage meltdown after his Good Morning America interview yesterday may have put him in a heap of trouble with ABC — or not. First, reports came that Breezy’s actions may have gotten his Dancing With The Stars appearance (set for next week) canceled. But now, the network has announced that they have invited him back onto GMA in order for bygones to be bygones. (Or, you know, for ratings.)

“Anytime we have a guest here on the program, we let them know ahead of time the subject matter, the topics that we’re going to discuss,” explained Robin Roberts, who interviewed Chris not only yesterday morning, but back in 2009 after his sentencing. “Even right before the interview, I said that to Chris, and I was shocked like everybody else, because we’ve had a wonderful relationship.”

“We’ve extended an invitation and we’d love to have him back and he’s seriously considering that,” she added.

Brown is welcome back on GMA, but the fate of Brown’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars next week is still up in the air. Says an anonymous (and angry) ABC exec: “Dancing With the Stars is one of the biggest shows on TV, and if they do decide to allow him to promote his music on it he should definitely be asked to say sorry for throwing a chair and smashing a window.”

If Chris is invited back onto Good Morning America and gets to keep his DWTS gig, he’ll definitely have to reference the chair-throwing incident — something we really feel like he won’t want to do. He’s made it very clear that he’s sick of apologizing over and over, and even saying that he’s sorry for this new outburst might take a bit of convincing.