Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The J-Hud In This Week’s Reader Comments

Mar 25th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Over the past week, we posted Crystal Bowersox’s performances at our Pray For Pop SXSW party, news of Lady Gaga putting the final touches on her upcoming Born This Way album, a retro-sounding remix of Kylie Minogue’s “Put Your Hands Up” and video of Jennifer Hudson’s return to the American Idol stage. Oh, yeah—and Chris Brown’s publicist finally decided to spare herself the daily migraines by parting ways with the temperamental singer. Head below to see how our readers processed all this pop uproar!

Lady Gaga:: Brandon Hall showed his dislike for Lee DeWyze on Crystal Bowersox Rocks Idolator’s Pray For Pop Party At SXSW: “Crystal never disappoints — shes the real (if unofficial) winner of the last season”

:: Zorro sliced-and-diced Lady Gaga Announces Wrap Of Born This Way Album, Tweets New Pic: “Well, the picture is freaking hilarious! It is David Bowie without the beauty or otherworldly excitement. It is just so bad, like the first single. Can’t say I will buy the single or album or anything by this product…..but I don’t purchase things with babysitting money, and those are the only “fans” I know about.”

:: John felt nostalgic on Kylie Minogue Steps Back In Time With A Pete Hammond Mix Of “Put Your Hands Up”: “I want a video for this song that has Kylie performing on Top of the Pops circa 1988. Could we hook that up please?”

:: Joaqfer was feeling quite Keane on Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers Album Cover And Track Listing: “They’re going to do Somewhere Only We Know on the show, right? That’s absolutely one of my all time faves… Thrilled… On a sidenote, Darren Criss is a bit of an over-actor, he needs to ‘tune’ it down one or two notches”

Chris Brown Good Morning America GMA:: JJ was all about J-Hud on American Idol: Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder And Sugarland Perform: “Jennifer ‘The Voice’ Hudson performance was simply first class last night on American Idol. She is really a true performer who command the stage with beautiful presence. I wish her much success in her album, it is a winner, because she is brings R & B back again which is missing so badly.”

:: SandyPB seemed to have her blinders on while commenting on Chris Brown’s Publicist Quits: “I feel the media is too hard on Chris Brown. I guess they, just like you, enjoy harrassing a young star. Shame on you and all of them for not allowing CB to live and learn without having to instigate these issues that you and them plan out to cause. You harm people all day long. How do you sleep at night knowing all the written abuse that you put out.”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEKBrit served up the (most likely unintentionally) hilarious zinger of the past week on Britney Spears Tweets A Pic From Her “Till The World Ends” Video Set (we had no idea Britney fans had created their own language!): “Katherine and sahil! U are fail Monster-Idiots, I know you are the best mother*uckers! lol Go to the dick Whores!”


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