Miguel Does Britney’s “Hold It Against Me”

Our glowing Pray For Pop performer Miguel is the latest rising pop star to take on Billboard’s Mashup Mondays challenge. The “Sure Thing” singer decided to cover none other than Femme Fatale, Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” — a fatal mistake? Hardly! The All I Want Is You crooner has made the song all his own reworking it into a funky, soulful track that rocks. No wonder the “Raise Your Hands” collaborator puts on 3D glasses at the start of his performance — this cover is out of sight.

Of the completed homage to Brit, the R&B singer said, “I’m not sure what Britney’s reaction is going to be, but I hope she digs it.” We sure do! Tell us what you thought of Miguel’s “Hold It Against Me” below.

  • Joe

    This is a awesome cover. Miguel is the man. Check out his performance at SXSW of All I Want Is You and Quickie http://bit.ly/icfthm Get his album All I Want Is You here on iTunes http://bit.ly/eWHIFD

  • frieda

    better than the original really better i wish i was on a cd or somthing he made a weird song sound sexy big ups to miguel an i hope brittney dont hold it against us that we love miggy verson better but keep it up brit props to you to.

  • laurent

    git it miguel u r gold all day baby got you cd the real one not bootleg keep givin us that sexy music and i love your version it is awsome ready 4 more from you your #1 fan.