‘Glee’ Planning A Super-Sized “Born This Way” Episode As Warblers Ask “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Glee‘s April 26 episode is so big, it won’t even fit in its normal time slot. Reports say that the ep, titled “Born This Way” — which, incidentally, concludes with a rousing performance of Lady Gaga’s single, may be expanded to 90 minutes. More details (and a brand new Warblers tune!) below.

In the episode, the kids deal with self-acceptance issues, such as Lauren running for prom queen and Rachel considering a nose job. It was also mentioned by show creator Ryan Murphy that this episode may involve Kurt’s bully, Karofsky, finally taking a step toward accepting his sexuality.

“This show is by nature optimistic and I think a character like Karofsky could turn to booze or pills or alcohol and kill themselves or do something dark,” he told Entertainment Weekly back in January. “But I also love Max and I love that character and I sorta want that character to have a happy ending. So I don’t really know what that’s going to be, but I do know we’re going to do a whole episode that’s about [Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’].”

Instead of cutting anything out of the episode, producers want to add two more musical numbers and make this a super-sized episode. May we suggest simply having The Warblers sing two more songs?

Check out Darren Criss and his merry men singing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”. (Short answer: yes.)

Glee Cast feat. The Warblers – “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”