Why Enrique Iglesias Pulled Out Of Britney’s Tour: “Perception”

So, why did Enrique Iglesias pull out of his co-headlining tour with Britney Spears right after it was announced? Billboard reports that although money was a factor — Britney was slated to make several times more than the Spanish singer would rake in during the tour — most of it was simply the perception that Enrique was Brit’s opener, not her co-headliner. And Enrique is nobody’s opening act!

“Iglesias is a headlining artist and has been for some time, and would carry his own fully themed production on the tour,” the mag reports. “The language in the carefully-worded press release — which was withdrawn from certain outlets shortly after it was sent today — stated the pair would ‘tour together’ but stopped short of calling it a ‘co-headlining’ tour, the phrase commonly used for such superstar pairings as Billy Joel and Elton John, for example.”

We certainly can’t blame Enrique for feeling slighted that his co-headlining tour was made out to seem like he’d be opening for Britney.

But why drop out of the tour pretty much immediately after it was announced on Good Morning America? Why not sit on it for a day, or reach out to media outlets to make sure they point out its a co-headlining tour so the public is fully awarer? Why not make these demands for equal money and exposure before announcing the tour?

And why does Britney need a co-headliner, anyway? Her Circus tour made bank! We don’t think she’ll have any problem selling out arenas all by her pre-recorded self.

Do you think Brit should find another act to tour with? If so, who should it be?