Katy Perry Is A Space Oddity In Her “E.T.” Video

Someone at Team Katy Perry or Vevo must have flipped the switch early, because instead of the pop star’s “E.T.” video premiering tonight on MTV, it surfaced online this morning. Oops/yay! In the visually stunning clip for her fourth #1 hit off Teenage Dream, Alien Katy floats to an uninhibited planet (and last not one inhibited anytime in the last couple thousand of years) and falls for a man in a robot suit who turns out to be… well, it’s not Russell Brand. Watch below and find out! 

Katy Perry feat. Kanye West – “E.T.”

We have a feeling people will be comparing this one to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” vid – pop star as an other life form in a flowy dress floating through space – but thematically the videos are very different.

What do you think? One pointless Kanye West cameo aside, this clip (directed by Floria Sigismondi) is pretty cool, huh?

  • Dan

    Not as great as I was expecting… I love her makeup and costumes, but the story lagged a little when it’s just her floating aimlessly. And I thought the actual alien singing and the deer legs were very cheesy… I think the best part is when she is in the gold costume and with the robot/man.

  • PoliceChase

    Better than born this way… and kanye just ruins the song. I knew there was something strange about Katy… she has faun legs!!! omigosh!!! and the guy looked alien at first… but he turned out to be regular (except for the fact that he was naked… woah…)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Hall/1179383854 Brandon Hall

    It was very beautifully constructed thats for sure, the space alien concept actually make since, unlike the ridiculous Born This Way music video which pretty much had no concept at all.

    Overall tho this video was a little on the boring side, it was a bit safe and kind of slow it could have been fun and adventurous but they just went for glamor (No actual abduction, what!?) and yes Kanye was not needed on this track at all his verses are stupid and hollow and he took up unnecessary screen time in the video, why in the world was he added to this song?

  • PoliceChase

    It loses points for:
    Storyline, product placement, the animal scenes, kanye west
    It gains points for:,
    Visual FX, the costumes
    all in all, it was like an avatar alien traveling to the earth in wall-e to find a human.

  • HayleyLou

    I think it’s much MUCH better with Kanye in. He definately makes the song much more interesting rather than just Katy’s voice, not that her voice isn’t lovely alone-don’t get the floating in space though. Kayne doesn’t even seem part of the video, more like an after thought!

  • RabidCrayons

    A lot of people say that Katy Perry stole the idea from Lady Gaga. IDK if it’s true but to me they are different. Not to mention Katy Perry’s music video fits her song more then Lady Gaga’s. I love them both but honestly I like Katy Perry’s video better (despite Kanye West).

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