Meet Ark Factory’s Newest Tween Diva Alana Lee, And Watch Her “Butterflies” Vid

Surely you didn’t think Ark Music Factory had only Rebecca Black up their sleeves? Given the surprise success of “Friday” (which jumped over a dozen positions on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart this week to #58), even more tween-pop cheese is likely to come flying down the production outfit’s conveyor belt. Case in point:  check out the equally-saccharine video for “Butterflies,” from Black’s stablemate Alana Lee, below. First up we should point out that on iTunes, the single cover spells the song title “Butterflies,” while a search on the digital store for the tune brings it up as “Butterfly.” Meanwhile, if you actually download the single, it’s spelled “Butterflys.” Someone send Ark Music Factory a Merriam-Webster, pronto!

Anyway, here we have the video, which finds cute-as-a-button Alana pining away for her young classmate. They seem to hit it off until the inevitable blonde Mean Girl swoops in and tries to steal Lee’s man.

But, let’s be honest—it’s all about the lyrics, no? “This is what we do, you don’t have to be ashamed / ‘Cause when we’re holding hands, walking in the hall, you give me butterflies deep inside,” Alana chirps through major Auto Tune.

Pop Trash Addicts chalks “Butterflies” up to being “cute in a Miranda Cosgrove-on-acid kind of way” while pointing out that the cheeseball MC who appears in the video is named Pato. (Seriously, MC Skat Kat from Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” vid probably had more street cred.)

What do you think—should Rebecca Black be worried about the throne now that Alana Lee has been unleashed on the public?