There’s No Fairytale Ending For Natalia Kills In Her “Wonderland” Video

If you thought her reading of Poe’s The Raven and video for “Mirrors” were dark, wait till you get a load of Natalia Kills’ new visual for her single “Wonderland.” The creepy clip arrived today just as the British singer’s debut LP Perfectionist was released overseas. Head down the rabbit hole below to watch.

The beginning of the “Wonderland” video contains the disclaimer that “several scenes have been censored or removed to comply with public viewing regulations.” And throughout the clip, Kills pays homage to such classic tales as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and, of course, Alice In Wonderland, while playing up the menace lurking in the subtext of each.

The noir-ish songstress with a penchant for things cinematic stomps around on a lavish dinner table and disrupts a grotesque party until she’s nabbed by a pack of guards. Things aren’t looking so great when she finally winds up on the chopping block as a masked axe man looms above her.

Talk about a pain in the neck. Now, any chance we’ll get to see the uncensored version in the near future?

Let us know what you think of Natalia’s latest dark display, “Wonderland.”

  • JW

    this is like katy perry in lady gagas alejandro. wierd.

  • Brimeon

    Love. Nothing but love for this woman.

  • UM

    All I can say is WHAT. THE, FVVCK. DID. I JUST. WATCH?

  • Ryan

    Disturbing on so many levels

  • Jen

    this video is GREAT! best video i’ve seen in a while… for once, something that has substance. it’s so creative and there’s actually a story inside it.

  • Les

    Why was it censored? What were they censoring out? Looked like her eating food. That’s so stupid. What the heck?

  • Steven

    Natalia Kills is amazing and this song gets stuck in my head!
    Love the fact that she’s being edgy without trying to hard.

  • Ron

    She’s eating a heart is why. And some of the scenes show excessive gore.

  • Fry

    I love this song so much <3

    You can buy the uncensored version on itunes <3

  • french

    the uncensored version shows what she’s actually eating – cupcakes stuffed with pills and drugs

  • french

    I love this song and the video is awesome – she even makes the censoring look like it’s meant to be in the original version.. the only problem is that I think the axe man should have rabbit ears but maybe that’s just me :)

  • Shaunta Bridenbaugh

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