Kid Cudi Keeps His Chin Up On New Track “Capcom”

Newly sobered up Kid Cudi has given up his weed, but he’s still focused on his tunes. A new Cudder track, “Capcom”, surfaced this afternoon, a somewhat anthemic number rumored to be off his upcoming summer mixtape, A Man Named Scott. Enjoy below!

[wpaudio url="" text="Kid Cudi - Capcom" dl="0"]


“I’m ready to fight now, fire to fire / Hit for hit now, blow for blow / The world is vicious, but I’ll be victorious,” declares Cudder on the chorus. His optimism present on this track is already a big change from the melancholy vibe present on both editions of his Man On The Moon albums.

For someone who wants to trade rap for rock, this jam isn’t much a step to become the next guitar-slaying rockstar. And with that horn section, it almost feels like a low-budget “All Of The Lights”.

What do you think of Kid Cudi’s latest?

[Consequence Of Sound]

  • Optimist

    I mean just because cudi is rapping on it and it has horns that could be his style of rock his music is just simply innovative not saying that is where he wants to go with his so called “rock” but it will be truly original and creative always brings a sound never eard before

  • kid

    it won’t be on his mix tape.
    its just a song for a video game. he did it a while ago too.

  • Swag

    His newest mixtape is suppose to a hip hop mixtape, its to give his long following fans a tribute of sort. & this song was made a while ago. Like @Kid said lol

  • Yamaholic

    I like it. Kid Cudi can pull anything off, hes super creative. I just really hope he doesnt switch his style: “Legend of Mr. Rager” is SO SICK!!! His hip hop/rap isnt like everyone else’s. He’s got his own style.

    ** But we’ll see how the “switch” to rock goes. It may like lil wayne’s (which didnt go so well haha -& im a huge fan of wayne’s too)

    Keep it Rollin Cudder!

  • YouKnowWhatItIs

    i really like most of hisstuff, but i think his unique and innovative style suits depressing songs. for instance ‘man on the moon’, ‘soundtrack 2 my life’ and ‘all along’ were all masterpieces. im not saying he cant make uplifting music, im just saying his best songs are about depressing subjects…

  • mateen

    made the song about a year ago, its not his new “rock”