Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Lil Kim In The Catty Snippet “Tragedy”

Apr 2nd, 2011 // 36 Comments

And the feud goes on! More than just temporary nemeses, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are on track to become full-on mortal enemies for life now that the wiggy Trinidadian has taken a swipe back at the former jailbird who devoted an entire mixtape to this she-brawl. That swipe comes in the form of the snippet “Tragedy,” produced by Hit-Boy and rumored to be from Lil Wayne’s upcoming Tha Carter IV. Amongst other clever digs, Harajuku Barbie compares her nemesis to a very different type of doll: “Last name Ann, first name Raggedy.” Ouch! Hear the minute-long snippet below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Nicki Minaj - Tragedy (snippet)" dl="0"]

We can’t say Lil Kim didn’t have this coming after gruesomely decapitating the Songs for Japan artist on her Black Friday cover art (not to mention the video). But Nicki’s already clearly come out ahead in this battle royale thanks to all her recent success, while Lil Kim came off as a has-been struggling to stay relevant by cashing in on controversy she herself created. Is a response from Nicki necessary? Absolutely not — but you’ll never hear us complaining about new music from this “Fly” girl, especially when the result is as delightfully catty as “Tragedy.”

  1. ELmo

    HAHAHA……LIl KIM Can suck aN ALBINO COCK!….


    • hold on bitcx hahah u funny holdtime befor there was a bitcx name nickie blowjob there was kim..hahah see your mouth will get u killed yea im fm bmore zoo home of the wire,no lier say one more ill come find ya.

      • WICKEDMC

        hahah ur dumb as hell its funny. go nicki minaj. lil kims dope too but ur wack as f*ck. you gonna come kill me???:0 aHAHAHA

  2. JB

    Soooo, it’s cool for Nicki to put out a BS diss about Kim BUT Kim is a wrong for dissing Nicki. This is so one-sided of you guys. Nicki is WACK and Kim STILL wins!!!

    • lil kim never wrong yall must dont no that lil kim make all haters come out..she came out hardcore wit bitcx u didnt no.WELL BALTIMORE MD SHOWING YOU SO LOVE ILL KILL THEM HATERS MYSLEF LILKIM KEEP YA MONEY HOLDTIME ILL KILL HATERS FOR FREE.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WATCH YA MOUTH TALKIN BOUT KIMBERLY JONES

  3. Ellie O

    this is ridiculous.

  4. Mon Dee'

    Lol, I have to admit, this was pretty funny. But seriously , why can’t we all just get along?

  5. Nickifanduh

    “Woww this is tragic”~~~~~Honestly this is stupied but I do have somthing to say I dont knoe why all of this is going on but kim had her tun its time for nicki to shine..Lil kim and others talking about nicki on youtube and stuf like really…smh making mixtapes wowww i would do the same thing and make somthing about them if i was nicki “Blackfriday” really~Nicki I love you keep yah head up and im here for you girl!

  6. ImeanNickster

    Lil kimmy needs to step her cookies up if she wants to go toe to toe with the Queen of hip hop…

    Her mixtape was a joke, mixtapes are supposed to be free she’s using her fans to get a quick buck. What happened to all her money she made when she was ‘magic’. She’s a tragedy, first name Anne last name Raggedyyyyyy.

  7. weezyfbaby2

    That fan made song art up there is like 100x better than Krim’s Black friday album art.

  8. weezyfbaby2

    How does Kim still win shes 40 years old, obviously broke, made her fans pay for a mixtape(which I’m pretty sure is illegal), is struggling against a rising female rapper, was dethroned as the queen, her ‘black friday’ mixtape was a joke that she sold on paypal, low budget ghetto video, low budget mixtape art which looks like it was made by a 7 year old and I love how you guys say Nicki stole Lil Kims flow, then you go and say Nicki can’t rap.

    All bow to the Queen of hip hop Ms Nicki Minaj , first lady of Young Money,


  9. Queen Nicki completely slaying that lesser chic Kim. Its about time she was put in her place which is somewhere near the residence of Ja’Rule.

    “Last name Ann, first name Raggedy” LOL

  10. GA

    I’m not a fan of either. I judge solely on lyrical content.

    Nicki’s rhyming skills are not up to par. She frequently makes simple rhymes (like rhymes with words that end with an ‘e’ sound-me, Raggedy, tragedy). I think she should work a little harder on lyrical content.

    Kim’s style is more varied. However, both make metaphors or references in similar fashion.

    I think rap beefs like the Nas/Jay-Z or the KRS-One/LL Cool J were much more fun to listen to. This feels like watching two girls in a playground arguing over b-ball. Give me a real NBA game any day.

  11. Ron

    Kim’s just tryin to be relevant, and it was a pathetic attempt. Nicki slayed her, and she deserved it.

  12. Mario

    AMEN TO THAT. And the thing about her being broke? She’s trying to cling on to one of the hairs of Nicki’s aesthetically pleasing and colorfully eccentric wigs!

  13. Blanco

    Kim sold a Mixtape on pay pal Nicki also sold beam me up scotty on pay pal for like 12 bucks — So she has no room to talk about pay pal… Also she’s a parody of something real that being Lil Kim so who’s really the parody here? Snl used Nicki to play herself as a parody so Nicki has no room to talk about being a parody. Kim’s net worth is at over 18 million so how is she broke? Nothing Kim does is low budget, the shoe’s Lil Kim wore in Black Friday amongst the Lamborghini she had alone was worth more than 3 of nicki’s video’s put together.. Nicki’s cheap ass special FX video’s… Are your serious?? Can’t be.Lil Kim’s mixtape cover looked a million time’s better than this trash.. Why is their blood everywhere when Kim is only tied up with no wound’s..? Talk about “stupidity personified”. Nicki Minaj will never be the queen of Hip Hop we all know who sits on the throne.. The one nicki said she wouldn’t respond to until she was on the billboards.. The one nicki came into the game dissing. The one and only Queen Bitch Lil Kim. No single no album still drawing this bitch out. Also Shanel and that other chick who got killed was with YM before nicki so nicki is more like Young Money’s 3rd lady .

  14. BB901

    Lil Kim is a dried up pussy hoe. Yeah that’s right, it’s not nicki’s fault that kim look like a drugged up gorilla in drag! She just getting OLD! Sure she had it when she was in the game 10 years ago, and she looked great in Lady Marmalade but she’s lost her magic over the years. Now she so desperate for some money and fame that she’s starting up beef with the “it” girl. A lady with class would have not acted like some stupid chick, getting her panties in a bunch, and creating a song about how she gonna kill her. YEAH LIL KIM, YOU STUPID BITCH! HOW THE HELL YOU GONNA EARN RESPECT WHEN YOU PLAYING STUPID GAMES LIKE THIS?!? What? You gonna get mad and write a song about how you gonna kill me too? Psh…. grow up bitch, you should have learned years ago to not act this stupid. It’s like watching a 10 year old start a fight with a 3 year old.

  15. jaze

    Nikki fans spew the same thing over and over but never bring up rapping skills. Lil Kim is the better rapper, nuff said….

  16. BennyBearz

    Minaj is trying to slay a GIANT with a toothpick. Kimmy Blanco did Bar after Bar straight calling her ”garbage, clone CLOWN, B*” and Minaj fires back with…this!? pretty pathetic. But of course, her zombie lollipop kids think it’s ”AWESOME!!!!”. If she farted, they’d say: ”wow, she can sing so well!”

  17. I think all you guys are stupid!!!! only because lil kim is old… she just needs to back off of somebody that is already better than her… nicki minaj is talented its her turn… and also nicki minaj is disgusting or a whore like lil kim because she had to get her stomach pumped because she swallowed somuch cum!!! yeah that expalins alot and also very disgusting she is a whore and nicki minaj has never had to do something like that… nicki minaj is beeter than you lil kim!!!!

  18. Shanece Holly

    I find this whole thing silly. Lil Kim needs to grow up and stop it. She is a legend and that’s where it ends. Instead of being mad and trying to diss Nicki, she shoulda been glad that someone as bad as Nicki want to carry on her persona as the Black Barbie. I would have given someone all the praise and support they need to carry on what I had. I can see if Nicki sucked, but then yeah, I woulda been mad. But Nicki has a style so unique you can’t help but to like her. Nicki and Kim are both great. It’s time for Lil Kim to move on. Do you see Foxy brown, Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and all the other female artisits blowing steam?? No. Since female rap artisits are so extinct, this is the time for Lil Kim to have Nicki’s back.

  19. CP30

    Thats cause niki eats fur

  20. Yall are Hilarious

    Nikki dissin Kim is like an ignorant child dissing their father. Without Kim there IS no Nikki. Nikki is a Carbon copy of Kim. She found something that works… ‘Lil Kim’ and duplicated it EXACTLY. From the wigs, to the lyrics to the ‘I got good pussy’ attitude … all of that was Kim first. I love them both actually… anyone that doesn’t is a retard. They are the same person. Nikki is a 2010+ version of a 1990′s Lil Kim. You are picking who you like better personally, not lyrically… as far as talent they are the EXACT SAME PERSON.

    Only black folks are so ignorant to fued over such trivia sh!t. Like saying I Love Icee’s and Slurpys suck. Uhhh they are the same product.

    Both of these women are making BANK off of the ignorant masses buying their CD’s in order to prove to yourself that one is better than the other. Beef sells…

    Nothing more funny than to hear Lil Kim called a ‘has been’ but a bunch of bamas that ‘Neva Was’!!!

    You seen the pictures of Nikki before all the surgery? No ass… no tits… plain face… not a dime at all… hardly even a nickle… That young money surgical plan must be off the chain… they created her KNOWING they could fill the void left by Kim. More power to them… more power to Nikki… more power to Kim… but for all your so called ‘fans’… I only got half a bar… F*ck yall bamas!

  21. Martha

    Lil kim had lots of plastic surgery too

  22. lustrebonbon

    This is hilarious. this is why i love these girls, so silly.

  23. lustrebonbon

    true. kim should have just let it go and rested while she lays around in her money. age happens. there’s always room for someone new.

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    NIkki best Kim @ surgery . KIm Best NIKKI @ RAPs and FIGHTS..

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