Watch Britney Spears Sort Of Dance Through Her “Till The World Ends” Video Preview

After delivering about five trillion one-second previews for the “Hold It Against Me” video, Team Britney has thankfully scrapped all that irritating teasing and has given us what we really want: a preview of “Till The World Ends” that actually shows a significant part of the vid! Now we just need to know which version this footage is from, the story-based clip, or the choreography one? Watch the Femme Fatale get apocalyptic below.

First impressions? It’s like the horny, sweaty young adults from “I’m A Slave 4 U” took their party to the basement. We’ll reserve final judgment for when we see the entire clip, but we’re setting ourselves up to be disappointed by Brit’s dancing.

  • Mark

    I don’t get why you guys always have to be so harsh on her. The video looks great from what I can see, can’t you just sit back and enjoy?

  • alicia

    Shes Amazing and she looks great! i love the video and cant wait to see her in concert!

  • Matthew Johnson

    I’m setting myself up for disappointment too Idolator. 2011 was meant to be the year of Britney and for me at least, its turning out to be the year of Flopney. Bring on Judas please.

  • donna

    I cannot wait to go to her concert i love her new cd and video! i think she looks beautiful for a mother of 2 shes amazing! go BRIT!

  • Brimeon

    Her dancing…looks…fine… Like… A lot better than HIAM. A lot better…

  • Arturo Hernández Martínez

    Think the preview looks great and let’s face it… ANYTHING Britney does at this point, we’re gonna love it… because… she’s Britney! But still… cannot hide that I’ve a feeling JudasVideo is gonna be way better than this…

  • RYK101

    her dancing is ok, the typical britney post-breakdown dancing, i’m fine with that i’m not a fan but not a hater, plus she looks damn good in this video, like HOT

  • Brit


  • Mark

    Why does everyone feel the need to bring up Gaga when talking about Britney? There is no reason to compare them so constantly. So immature to be all, “This video looks OK.. but Judas will be so much better!”, even though Judas has NOTHING to do with TTWE. Typical Gaga fans trying to start trouble..