Kelly Rowland And Lil Wayne Steam Up Their “Motivation” Video

Kelly Rowland Motivation Video
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When Kelly Rowland isn’t too busy slinking all over a variety of hot shirtless men in the dimly lit video for her single “Motivation”, she’s dancing in a purple one-piece one small rip away from being a barely-there two piece. Lil Wayne is featured in the video as well, but who do you think people are really here to see? Watch the steamy Sarah Chatfield-directed clip up top.

With its bump-and-grind choreography, the video offers the perfect complement to the track, which is so seductive that everyone from R. Kelly to The-Dream has jumped in to remix it. (We’re guessing you won’t see quite this level of sheer sex appeal in Kelly’s new video with Susie The Elephant.

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  • M

    I’m sorry…this video screams bisexuality…from the purple triangular outfit to the Jessica White hand all over Kelly part…I am done with this Satanic agenda for the LGBT community. Don’t buy into it people and definitely don’t support it! The LGBT community is not the only community that supports good music, the problem is the media is controlled by it and artists are either involved in the LGBT lifestyle themselves or believe the hype. I used to like Kelly, but after this all I can do is pray for her. I cannot support what she is doing and I am posting so others can get look deeper into this video and ask the questions.


    AND…… WHO R U TO JUDGE WHO SHE IS AND WAT SHE IS DOIN IF THIS IS THE LIFE THAT MS KELLY CHOOSES EMBRACES IT AND HER, IF U R A TURE FAN AND A REAL PERSON U R PASSING JUDGMENT ON ANOTHERPERSON AND I THINK THAT SUCKS! HOWEVA I LUUUUUUUUUUV IT1 the dancing through out is cute its wonderful she looks great and i kno all this freak is realy her after all she is a kinky sneaky freaky aqurious…………i love her and she is my favorite hit me up anytime gurl

  • jjenn

    love,love this cant get enough,mor,more please kelly…she definately killed it……haters fall back…and what the hell is wrong with bisexuality??……….smh….and it doesnt scream bisexuality either …what is wrong with that, M.. PErsons comment…hmt……..

  • M

    If a person has murdered someone, you call them a murderer….If a person steals, you call them a thief….This is not judgment…Judgment is rendering a punishment or conclusion of a person’s final state for their actions…GOD is the final judge. All I am saying is that bisexuality is not what God intended for his people…now perhaps you are not a Christian, but Kelly claims to be…so there are some basic tenets that you must believe if you are a Christian. The first being that the Bible is true and if this is the case, then read Romans 1:23-28. If you are a cultural Christian, you read only the parts that you agree with, if you are true believer, you change and deny your fleshly desires to be more like Christ. And jjenn, I am not a hater, but far from it. If I saw my friend about to get hit by a car, I would push them out of the way because of love! True love is trying to save someone’s life, not telling them it’s ok to just stand there and get hit because that’s what you want to do.

  • ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ


  • Mee

    M, go somewhere else. This is not a place for religious banter. You clearly know your bible, so you probably don’t eat shellfish, or wear polyester and any other fabric blend. Because you cannot truly be religious, if your damnation is only on the things you don’t like, and the writings you don’t like, you just ignore. Bisexuality and homosexuality are things found in many animal species in the world, therefor either ‘god’ made a mistake, thereby questioning his ‘omnipotence’ and making him not the ‘all-powerful, all-knowing god” he is, or the bible is not true. And you will probably will reply on this with more religious banter. But if you really need a book to tell you what’s good and what’s not, I’m really sorry for you.

  • Chammppp

    This song and viedo has nothing to do with going to gym I’m sorry but I don’t feel movited to go to the gym, I feel uncomfortable, and I should not feel that way about any song, and plus this is unsual its like she’s sexually retarted, what I mean is like she has to have her clothes off for her to feel normal which is just re re…

  • vtrimm23

    Yall tripping…man I don’t know nothing about bisexuality or all that other stuff yall talking about I just looked at the video and thought “Dam that’s hot” ..go Kelly that’s wassup this video is straight “FIRE” and yes it made me want to go straight to the gym…I’m renewing my membership as we speak

  • M

    Mee – your thoughts show your lack of knowledge and your inability to think beyond what propaganda you have been fed. As I must assume you are not a Christian, let’s discuss this from a strictly natural perspective…FACT #1 There are no species that can procreate as bisexual/homosexual, etc…FACT#2 Humans are more complex than other species and we are at the top of the food chain – why should I debase myself to that of an animal – FACT#3 – The Bible is not a book, but multiple books compiled together, written by multiple persons over the course of many years all confirming the same thing/thngs FACT#4 – This video is clearly promoting a bisexual orgy! And this has nothing to do with religion, all you need do is watch which I would suggest you not do as it desensitizes you to immorality!

  • Ra!n

    @ M..umm, in order to watch this video, you must’ve at least listened to the song first, which was clearly meant to be sexual..if you listened to the song in the first place,doesnt that kind of go against everything you were just preaching?? the song was sexy, and enticing.she didnt dress sexually to prove she’s beautiful to herself, she did it because the theme of the song was sex.however, she isnt married, so shes not committing adultery. so if you can tell me exactly which sin, or commandment she is breaking, please do.i was a very religious person, but it confused me.”god made man in his image” does that mean all man, or just adam(which was a fail,apparently).he didnt make men/women to be gay, but they are, and ironic that they are the ones who actually show more concern for other humans, but because of that condemn them to hell. hey,M, what have you done to save the world?i assume you donate money regularly,if you can,you go to the local soup kitchen, or shelter, you help every person you see, because, i mean, thats what jesus would do.if your not doing that then your not the christian yyou think you are, but, oh my gawd(not God, difference) kelly, who has actually helped millions of people (she’s a freakin ambassador for mtv’s staying alive foundation) must be burned because she makes popular videos. seriously,in the most respectful way..STFU. leave kelly alone. she says she’s a christian, she does work jesus himself did, without the supernatural power, and if her making videos like this helps her do it, then i fail to see the dilemma(pun intended).

  • howard

    i just read this and ui like it i said the same thang to that jerk good job i like

  • howard

    have sex is wat the song is sayin not go to the jim listen and u will kno this is her listhen to her other cds she always talkso abot sex she is the sex in the group and solo

  • ZMH

    This is off. tying too hard, kelly?

  • M

    Ra!n – I understand you may not know God so you have simplified things to a humanistic level of philanthrophy disregarding the spiritual aspect of things and the true reason Christ came. This is a common mistake for those who view Christianity as a religion vs a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Yes, people were born into sin, shaped into iniquity, it is those who choose God’s substituion for the penalty we so rightly deserve (what Christ did for us) that regain fellowship with God and have the power to overcome sin. I will continue to hold up God’s standard as a benchmark that you can only live up to once you know Christ. If you don’t care to listen, don’t read my comments. While huminatarian works may help many feel like they are ok, many will be surprised that its not about that – it is about Loving God with everything you are and then loving people enough to not want to see them separated from God for an eternity. Again, as I love Kelly, I was appalled at the nature of the video (when you click the video you hear the song)…. And more than the lyrics, which I agree do promote sex…the visual promotes a bisexual agenda that I cannot support either. To answer your question – SIN is any act in disobedience to what God has said. Romans 1:23 -28 is what God feels about a woman laying with a woman and a man with a man and what will happen. Loving you all enough to tell you the truth… and as they say, the truth hurts, but when you know the truth, it shall set you FREE!

  • Love

    Well the song nice much better than what she has been putting out as for the video very sexual goes with the song its a job what makes her money don’t knock her hustle and FYI THE BIBLE IS THE BOOK OF LAWS TOLD IN MANY DIFFERENT STORIES YOU DONT KNOW HOW SHE LIVES HER LIFE JUST AS WE DONT KNOW IF YOU ARE TRULY A CHRISTAIN BE BLESS……!

  • M

    Love – Ye shall know them by their fruits!

  • Q

    It’s not that serious, if you don’t like it beccause it is a very sexual video – don’t watch it.. In religion, people are told to keep their eyes away from sinful things so you shouldn’t be watching it anyway ….. If you like it pound, pound, cuz I like it too!
    If it makes you want to go to the gym, go!
    If it makes you want to have sex, do what you gotta do!

    It’s a song, get over it … sexual songs before her, there will be more after her!

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    I find it extremely annoying that someone has to push their religious belief on a website about music. The most simple thing you can do is not watch the video. Believe it or not it’s that simple. There are plenty of other people you can watch on here that will be better suited for your liking. Jennifer Hudson, Adele….go watch that.

  • OKKK

    Stop M, perhaps you dont hold up your Christian values. Since no sin is greater than the other, the pure judgement that an outfit leads to the sexual lifestyle is foolish. You know that the devil can quote the bible as well; just like a Christian. Second if you were so wrapped up into your Christian life then you should not be listening let alone watching secular music. I wish that people could focus on their lives and not the lives of others. If the world focuses on their life and how they live it would be a better place.

    As far as the video goes…. Rock it out Kelly.. show them that you dont need DC3

  • M

    It is interesting how “group think” works – so many people focused on my comments because they don’t fit into the politically correct box endorsing any and everything – if you have different views about the video,express yours! However, if you want to dialogue with me, lets go…A part of Christendom is “loving your neighbor as yourself.” I love people enough to tell them the truth. The problem is most people don’t understand what it means to be like Christ, so you buy into the American view of “live, and let live! Jesus walked among sinners in order to seek and save the lost, he didn’t live in isolation talking to others who shared his beliefs. He told those who were sinners the truth about their sin and then gave them the remedy. The ones who loved their sin more than him usually became very vocal and looked for ways to trap him and shut him up! Much like what we see today when people don’t want a person like me to make comments on a site like this! The fact of the matter is, most people dont like to get confronted with light because they would rather remain in darkness. You should ask yourself why my comments offended so many, am I not able to have my views like you, or did I strike a nerve? Everyone believes in something and promotes it – just like this video promotes perverse sex. If you believe in that as well, you will support it, if you don’t, then you won’t. Furthermore, don’t go off of pre-conceived notions of what a “Christian” should do and say based on what the culture states if you are not a disciple of Christ. There are symbols that are prevalent in our culture that represent certain things – Mcdonald’s has a logo of the golden arches, Target has a red dot in the middle of a red circle – most would not disagree with this. So why are you disagreeing with the fact that purple diamonds and this video are symbolic of bisexuality. I’ve stated my views and I hold to them.

  • Ra!n

    wow, M, i will say, you are persistent, i will give you that. but the basic premise is that you probably arent going to change anyones mind by blindly insulting the people who like this music video (whether or not you mean it intentionally).i understand christian values enough to know telling you to quit would be foolish and a waste of time, but you arent going to find any supporters on this site, not because they are not christians (which would further confuse me if they are), but because they just do not care what you, a noone to them(no offence) thinks..

  • M

    Ra!n – The fact of the matter is, if they don’t care…then they are free to not read and comment on my comments. Apparently there are many, including you that do care and take the time to respond to my comments vs their view of the video.

  • Marybeth

    i agree dis is so hot with wayne in it

  • Marybeth

    i <3 dis video it is so hot woth lil wyne in it

  • keke

    o.m.g i love that song its my favorite and lil wayne went hard ily im your number 1 fan

  • P-nut

    This song gets me hot every time I hear it and all I can think of is a past boyfriend that I used to go with when I was 14 years old. I happen to get back with him in my forties and it was on and poppin again. This is a modern day love song about love and sex with a powerful sex drive. If u never had your boots knocked then u don’t know what it feels like to share that climax with another person

  • lexxii poo

    m, get cho butt outahhere you too lame. you trying to ride on kelly. yu gone end up gettin yo feelings hurt kid. if yu tryin to preach bout sumthin, wat chu need to do is head yo a**to church nd get off this page. kelly aint doin nun wrong but bein her so do yu nd she gone do her besides that i love thissong its tooo good. so m get cho skalleywag but off this page nd get a freahkin life!

  • http://yahoo mr thuggin

    luv kelli rowland she fine

  • http://facebook DP

    I have to say I completely believe you M and thanks for bringing the video to my attention. I had been trying to convince myself that it was ok for me to actually listen to the type of secular music ( this sond in particular) but I believe that everything happens for a reason and God has brought me to this sight to read your comment to get me right back on track with trying to reach my goal of detaching myself of all worldly things and becoming an even better person in the eyes of God. Though others may not take your teachings lightly or even take the time to realize what your saying is actually correct, I want you to continue to spread God’s word because you may not reach the hearts of all people but you will get through one, like you have done . P.S I am not a hater I love Kelly Rowland and I wish her the best success like I would do anyone else, but I also wish for her to remember what being a Christian means and realize that everybody has moments where they slip up but God is ALWAYS gracious enough to forgive us. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!

  • maverick80

    Bisexual for all!!!

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