Mariah Carey Bares Her Baby Bod For ‘Life & Style’

Mariah Carey is due to deliver her twin baby divas this month, and to celebrate the proud “We Belong Together” songstress decided to lose her shirt for the cover of Life & Style. “I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Mimi told the mag. “My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans.” Do you think Mrs. Cannon looks like a vision of love on the cover? Click “more” to see the full image.

  • ZMH

    music wise i don’t have much problem with ms.carey, but i think she needs some image management here. body weight is no problem, but constantly exposing it to public who were apparently not interested is a big one!

  • either

    can’t wait to see the TWIN, mariah is fabulous

  • Sherri Woods

    Hi Mimi, Niick & dem babies. Luv the butterfly belly. I listen to you Mariah in my car everyday. My friends are used to it by now. I say your name in my prayers and have meeting you on my bucket list. How awesome girl. You are darling. XOXOXO and have a wonderful time enjoying your family. I’d like you say hello” to your lucky mother, too!

  • adrianna
  • Tahoegeminii

    Yuck!!! WHY!!! this self proclaimed Diva can’t be upstaged? a bunch of super models had to do covers trying to show how sexy they were even pregnant-so Maraih has to do it-obviously they could not take body shots like all the previous exhibitionists that have done this-it was all about cover up on her-from those nasty fake looking hair extensions to shadowing out any other part of her body besides her freakishly stretched belly-bad taste and hideous to look at-I am with ZMH -no one has wanted to see Mariah’s body for a good 3 years since she turned into an old blimp that continued to sausage herself into porno prom dresses and prance around like she is 3 and every move she makes is just the cutest thing she is ever done-just ask her-cover it up Maraih and if it is ALL ABOUT THE BABIES then start acting like it and quit acting like a 12 year old molested diva princess-that thinks she is soo special because her nasty uncle buys her so many expensive things-and gets off on knowing how to manipulate old preverts-she has done nothing but say “look at me- look at me” loko I’m pregnant now so everybody kiss my arse even more-now I can demand ANYTHING I want and just blame it on being pregnant-she is naseating-Sherri Woods you are a STALKER-how pathetic you drool after this self centered ho-bag-so Maraih how much for Gaddafi to rub your pregnant belly??? not that even he would want to–not surprising she is already claiming to be in constant labor-she will milk these last 5 weeks for all they are worth and more-and then she will have a scheduled C-section numbed with multiple epiderals and pain meds-of course-if she thinks the gas pains she is having now are labor pains she is going to freak out and have another nervous breakdown the second she has a REAL contraction