Review Revue: Critics React To Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” Video

Unlike with the visual for “Hold It Against Me,” fans and critics alike are heaping praise on Britney Spears’ Ray Kay-directed music video for second Femme Fatale single “Till The World Ends.” One theme running through most of the reviews stands out: Brit is back, and seems to be feeling like her old fun self again in the vid. Head below to see how the Internet responded to the chart-topping pop star‘s latest offering!

:: EW Music Mix‘s Tanner Stransky saw flashes of the old Britney in the clip: “Those moments in that red catsuit-ish get-up near the end of the video are positively bouyant. And I think I even spotted a smile here and there from Spears, who looks rather dead behind the eyes most of the time. So that really warmed my heart.”

Britney Spears Till The World Ends video 2:: The Baltimore Sun‘s Louder Now blog seemed equally impressed: “The Ray Kay-helmed video is typical 2011 party-starter — sweaty bodies, futuristic DJ-gear, well-timed faulty sprinkler system — but it captures the track’s raging mood perfectly. If the world is really ending next year, we should keep a close eye on Britney. We’re going to want to be wherever she’s gyrating.”

:: The Huffington Post noted the lack of brand names in the vid: “Set in an underground club, girded against the coming destruction, Britney and a cadre of dancers dance to her beats and autotuned voice, declaring that they’ll do it til everything comes crashing down. It is futuristic, like its predecessor, ‘Hold It Against Me,’ though it contains far less product placement.”

:: Meanwhile, Rolling Stone noticed the pretty folks while also praising “Till The World Ends”: “It makes a little less sense why only hot, model-looking people in high-end Mad Max gear have made it to see the end of world. Maybe this is a Darwinian thing—only the foxy are strong enough to survive! Either way, this is a good, memorable video.”

:: PopEater was also reminded of Spears’ past glory: “If anyone can turn the Apocalypse into a sweaty, underground rave, it’s Britney Spears. The singer debuted the video for her latest single ‘Till The World Ends’ overnight, and it reveals a glimmer of the Spears of Yesteryear.”

Britney Spears Till The World Ends video 3:: Global Grind summed the video up with this: “Britney’s new video is sexy, sweaty and definitely underground… [The clip] travels to an erotic underworld of sex, celebration and perfected dance moves.”

:: Pink Is The New Blog thoroughly enjoyed the Britpocalypse: “This is DEFFO the party I want to be at underground when the world above is falling apart.”

:: Socialite Life pointed out the upbeat ending of the clip: “Buildings topple, fires rage but Britney just keeps on dancing. There is a great bit at the end too where Britney emerges from a manhole”

:: The Prophet Blog brings it all home by stating, “One viewing of this video makes you briefly forget about all the stuff that has dimmed Britney’s flame in recent years, and simply reminds you of one thing — Britney Spears: The Superstar.”

Let us know what you think of Britney’s new video!

  • Becky Bain

    I must be the only person that found it utterly boring. I also would rather see what Ke$ha’s End Of The World party is like. (Probably a lot like her “Blow” video, actually.)

    • Robbie Daw

      Britney’s vid is on par with Ke$ha’s “Blow” in my book – in other words, it’s a class act!

      She just earned some extra points after being docked for that offer ‘GMA’ performance.

    • Brandon Hall

      Me personally, Id pass on seeing Ke$ha’s version which would likely just involve her snorting coke & glitter jumping around and too many close up shots of her butterface (buttereverything really) in need of a good cleansing.

      To each their own :)

    • vertigoshtick

      Becky, you always find Britney’s videos boring!!!

      • Becky Bain

        UNTRUE! I really liked “Hold It Against Me”, and I have more videos of hers on my iPod than any other artist. Don’t you be spreadin’ lies, Vertigo Shtick!

  • PoliceChase

    Honestly, it was better than “Hold it Against Me”. The song is even better than the previous single. The video is very dramatic, very well done though. It really kicks “Hold it Against Me”s Video’s butt. It is more entertaining, it has a realistic storyline, it has no product placement. In fact, it’s better than “E.T.” or “Born This Way”. The only complaint is that it looked like an upgrade of a Ke$ha party. Other than that, “Till the World Ends” is the best Britney video in a long time.

    • Becky Bain

      LOL @ “realistic storyline.” (I probably won’t be laughing when the world actually does end in 2012 and I don’t get an invite to Brit’s underground party.)

  • PoliceChase

    Yes, well, there is no “Manefesto of mother brainfart.” and a freaky race of mucus coated naked people, or, say, a machine gun pulled out of a (uknowat). Nor are their disturbing unicorn-headed freaks and rainbow guns, nor are there weird aliens in bronze suits. Unlike any of those highly unrealistic storylines, the apocolypse is much more entertaining. But to agree with you- it IS a ke-dollarsign-ha party. LOL

  • elmo

    How can this video be better than “born this way” or “E.T” Originality is the key isnt it?

    To me it is…ANd this video just goes back to im a slave for you….Sorry brit brit its good but its Whatever…at the same time

  • Aaron Howard

    The video is amazing in my book compared to “Hold it against me.” I agree with most of the critics above. Britney may not be able to dance like she used to, but this video is edited just right to make us believe like she does and it just flashes me back to the good old days of “Toxic” and “Oops…I Did it Again” The video actually gets me excited for the videos for “I Wanna Go” and “Big Fat Bass” which are Britney’s next two singles respectively.

  • RaXxX

    Amazing video!! Reminder to all that BRITNEY SPEARS the b**ch is BACK! :D
    Video is so reminiscent of I’m a Slave 4 U… the great days of Spearism are BACK! :D