Poll: Who’s Given Us The Most Shocking ‘American Idol’ Moment?

Apr 8th, 2011 // 33 Comments

Oh, American Idol–you wicked, wicked beast. We’re literally still reeling and crying into our Corn Flakes over the scandalous, far-too-soon exit of our Season 10 Idol Power List fave Pia Toscano from the show. But she’s hardly the only upset viewers have had to endure since the series hit the air way back in 2002. Of course, the good news for Pia is that, as we’ve learned over the years, you don’t necessarily have to make it to the AI finish line to achieve great success. Head below to vote for who you think has made the most shocking exit from American Idol in the past 10 seasons.

First, here are just a few reminders of those who surprised us by either not winning, or leaving the show earlier than we expected:

Season 1 — Tamyra Gray voted off in Top 4.

Season 3 — Jennifer Hudson voted off in Top 7.

Season 5 – Chris Daughtry voted off in Top 4.

Season 8 — Kris Allen wins over Adam Lambert.

Season 10 — Pia Toscano voted off in Top 9.


Who do you think had the most shocking moment on 'American Idol' over the past 10 seasons?

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  1. smh

    Pia and Adam.

    Idol isn’t about quality it’s about popularity. The only way you’ll win is if you’re a generic white male.

    Notice how the bottom 3 consisted of 2 Italians and a black guy whilst all the white crackers were safe.

  2. Who Cares

    Wait — Italians aren’t white? That’s news to me. So, what ethnicity should I now be checking off?

    And can we just use the common word “while” instead of the pretentious and dated “whilst”?

  3. The people complaining the most about Idol probably never voted in their life. lazy complainers.

  4. Slinky

    Adam not winning hands down. Homophobia and Ignorance in America is still shocking… especially when it is clear and obvious as it was in this case.

  5. CNB

    Kris still can’t hit those high nights like when he sang the night he “won” American Idol!

  6. Well, i was shocked, Stephano shoulda gone a while ago, but if this keeps up we’re in for an all male idol finale. The only reason the guys are in there is because all of those tween girls who vote. It’s unfair and rediculous. And stupid.

    The most obvious shocker is Daughtry leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with kris, it was kinda 50/50 on who would win. It had nothing to do with Adam’s sexuallity. It was the fact that the people who wanted adam thought that other people would vote for him. duh. Adam is great but Daughtry is the most successful male artist to come from Idol.

  7. Casey

    adam for sure. no comparison between him and Kris. as to daughtry being the most successful male artist to come from idol — record sales keep plummeting so there will need to be a new barometer for success. biggest record last year sold 2-3 mil (eminem). that would have been a laugh 10 years ago. daughtry i think exceeded expectations based on what he gave on idol. he was great but not that unique or charismatic. yes his going was still shocking. i think adam after one album has already drawn more attention in more quarters (and around the world) than daughtry so the jury’s out.

  8. Agree with Casey

    Adam hands down! I am still mortified by the memories of that evening. He was ROBBED big time. With PIa, she left early but she wouldn’t go far in the real world. She is too shy and predictable which are the worst qualities in todays pop culture. Daughtry was a shocker too but atleast he made it to top 4 and he is successful now. With Adam’s season, it was obvious that it is either homophobia or rigged voting. His numbers after the show speak for themselves, his success world wide is another proof of who is the biggest star. I am sure his second album is gonna shatter everything.

  9. Sean

    No hit against Kris and his fans because I really like the guy but any unbiased observer would have to say Adam has the best voice. He certainly gave the audience the most entertainment value of the season. I still like Kris but Adam should have won.

  10. Pam

    Adam should have won hands down, and although the majority of America were not homophobic, which is why he made it to #2, it was the population of one very small, and yes, homophobic christian state with questionably christian voting practices that allowed someone less worthy to win.

  11. indigo

    Adam Should have won, he is more successful then kris allen and will continue to do well, so no worries but whenever I watch this it makes me sad, even after two years. It was the most shocking event.

  12. Rita

    Adam’s fanbase got him to the finals. The scandalous (Not!) pictures of Adam smooching other guys had been making headlines already. When Gokey was voted off, the Gokey fans voted for Kris as a way to vote against Adam and AT&T and the state of Arkansas cheating also helped Kris win.

  13. Angel

    ADAM being robbed is the most shocking even watching it now.
    I was only able to take it because ADAM was so gracious and humble that it didn’t matter.
    He knows who he is and need not prove with a win.
    It’s all a blessing in disguise.

  14. Still can’t figure out WHY the judges used the “SAVE” so soon. Casey is good but not that good that they had to save him … that should have been kept for the TOP 5 and not that important. Starting to wonder why they found it necessary to ‘save’ him.
    As for the Season 8 results … I still can’t think about it without gettin a lump in my throat ….. ADAM was ROBBED & everyone knows it now!!!

  15. Cheesecake

    Omg..the ONE male contestant who was voted off was saved, and now all the females will be gone! I don’t even think Karen should’ve gone home..or that black curly haired girl who was a wildcard pick. Adam losing wasn’t surprising because both had been very popular and didn’t land in the bottom three, plus there was the sexual orientation issue against him, and Kris had loads of female fans. I thought Pia was gonna be in the finale, now she’s gone. :(

  16. Lauriellen

    Adam all the way. At least he made it to the end. It is true that if you made the assumption that he was gay and didn’t want to vote for him because of it, he wouldn’t have gotten to the finale. The voting was skewed in one state, Arkansas. Now Idol has done everything to Adamize the show. Adam knew instinctively and through years of training, how to connect with an audience, own the stage, rework an arrangement, choose an outfit and work with lighting. Now they have people to do that for the contestants. I don’t have a problem with that except that too many of them are not being “authentic”.

    Why isn’t the Ruben winning over Clay on the list? That is back when there was still only one phone line for each and after hours of voting was only able to cast one vote. Again, Clay sold way more records right out of the box.

  17. jenny

    i was not shock when pia was voted out… shocking was when kris won over adam that i almost fell from my seat…

  18. Niloo

    It’s been 2 years, but I still can’t believe that Adam didn’t win. Although it don’t matter now, because Adam has proved to the world that the winner doesn’t necessarily takes it all! I believe from the bottom of my heart that he is the best thing that happened in the music industry of today. Rock on baby!

  19. Get English Lessons

    shocked you mean

  20. Dee13

    I definitely believe that the most shocking moment was Adam Lambert not winning in Season 8. (Perhaps this worked in his favour i.e. by giving him more artistic freedom as regards his debut album.) As regards the current season, the judges are inconsistent in that they will complain about one contestant not adding anything new and say that they need to show them something different, then, with others they praise the same song styling as they’d done previously. Pia, although she has a lovely voice, was not really bringing anything new to the table each week as regards style of singing and presentation . . . unlike Adam Lambert during Season 8 who made sure that he gave us something different and so-o-o memorable each week of the competition.

  21. Cam

    The other moments listed here were definitely hard to take, absolutely, but maybe not SHOCKING… Kris Allen’s win over Adam Lambert, now that was both shocking and ridiculous. I like Kris’ cd actually, so only love for Allen… but the AI Season 8 outcome, shocking and absurd.

  22. Mel

    I actually like Kris’ music, so let me say that first, but his win over Lambert, well, that’s what happens when somebody votes against something instead of for something. but having said that, I was also very proud of American voters for voting Lambert into the final 2. Hope Allen gets a shot at a sophomore album… and I hope Lambert’s sophomore album gets the recognition that his first one should have. FYE did well, and I’m very glad about that, but more people should check it out, it’s really good. That Lambert dude’s talent will not be denied.

  23. Tracy

    I agree with you, Rita!

  24. mary

    Love Adam.

  25. ken

    Jennifer was really arrogant back in season three…or at least that’s what she projected. Which im guessing is part of why she left “early”. She came across as a true diva (aka bitch) back then.

    Now she comes across completely friendly and down to earth.

  26. Jo

    Adam’s loss over Kris was the most shocking and absurd of them all. Adam was season 8. We waited each week for what he would do next and he made idol more exciting than it had ever been. The rallying of the ignorant christian fundamentalists in Arkansas and elsewhere is what was so shocking. Shows you how stupid and backward America still is.

  27. Xadax

    Ya’ll forgot Melinda Doolittle got eliminated instead of Blake Lewis.

  28. Des

    Casey is Jewish, which is decidedly less “cracker” than Stefano and Pia.

  29. Cassy

    You can’r forget that AT&T was in Conway handing out free phones and that Chick-fil-A was giving free food to Kris Allen’s highest voters. Two boys were able to cast over 250,000 votes with power texting. The story was in the newspaper the next day. Adam deserved to win no doubt.

  30. onthelowdown

    yes you are so right. The gokey fans defaulted to kris and the AT&T cheating definitely happened in Arkansas. But look at them now…Adam’s album has outsold Kris and Danny’s COMBINED. So who really cares. Adam still won!

  31. nik 101

    I agree with this poll. Adam Lambert went on a global tour, nominated for a grammy, 1st CD sold over a million units while Kris is booked at the Viper Room. Now who should have won?

  32. tess4ADAM

    Definitely the ADAM vs. Kris season 8 outcome was the most SHOCKING!! If I was Kris … I would have either conceded the title to ADAM … OR … suggested a DUAL American Idol title for season 8 … it would have set a precedent and it would have made EVERYBODY happy … thus AVOIDING all the nasty remarks by BOTH fanbases (altho’ the ADAM fans had a well founded reason to cry “foul”!! .. JMO

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