Why Does Rihanna’s ‘FHM’ Australia Cover Look So Familiar?

Next month’s Rihanna FHM Australia cover has recently surfaced and for the second time in less than a month we had a moment of worry that we had slipped back into the Pop Star Twilight Zone. Those fishnet stockings, that black bustier, the sleek red hair — it was all a bit too familiar. Thankfully, our case of magazine cover deja vu has an easy explanation. Head below for the why — and to see double vision of the sultry “S&M” singer.While it’s not an exact mirror image, as seen in March with Katy Perry’s French Cosmo cover, it’s clear that RiRi’s cover for the Aussie mag is taken from the same shoot done for British GQ (the same issue that gave us the white hot pics of the pop star eating a delicious dessert of strawberries and cream). No harm, no foul. The cover is just as hot as the earlier incarnation we first saw back in December.rihanna_fhm_gq