Chris Brown Heads Into The Studio With Joe Jonas — Nothing Broken So Far

With Chris Brown (again) in need of a little image rehab, he could hardly pair up with a nicer guy than a Jonas brother. “Tragedy” producer Hit-Boy tweeted a pic of himself with Joe Jonas and the stripper-loving bad boy, exclaiming that they “just did a smash!” (We’ll assume he’s talking about a song, rather than another window. Still, perhaps that was a poor choice of words?) The collaboration is expected to appear on the newly single “Make It Right” crooner’s bro-less debut album. Check out the full-sized pic after the jump.

  • What

    Puuuulease Chris is helping his nontalented arse out

  • What

    Chris is the one with a #1 album not Joe Jonas… I hate blogs!

  • E

    “he could hardly pair up with a nicer guy than a Jonas brother”

    Isn’t Joe supposedly the douchiest of the three?

  • King Makers

    Another Bias Author and article—-> FOOLS

  • Heyy

    Joe Jonas is the best
    King of pop > Michael Jackson
    King of rock > Joe jonas

    • ZMH

      really?! king of rock??

      • Brandon Hall


  • melody

    I guess the writer of this blog forgot to mention the Jonas brother smashed up a posh london hotel. Where they were told never to come back. I guess they need control mangement.

  • chelsea

    how could joe work with chris after what he did to rihanna he beat her and could have killed her does joe not know what chris did to her

  • dorrie

    Joe is trying so hard to be a “bad boy”,bet he thinks that will make his fame last.Joe doesn’t care about women,it doesn’t surprise that he would choose to work with someone who has hurt a woman.Joe has been a misogynist for quite some time now.

  • rebecca

    joe does care about and respects women how dare you say that and he is not a misogynist and a douchebag just leave him alone