Beyonce Tells Kids To “Move Your Body” On Michelle Obama’s Behalf

Apr 9th, 2011 // 5 Comments

When Beyonce tells people to dance, they tend to listen. Hence it was a pretty genius move on Michelle Obama’s part to get the professionally fatherless singer in on her “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight childhood obesity. A number of youths have probably already shed a pound or two trying out the “Single Ladies” choreography for themselves (such as these girls). Now the Cosmo cover girl has reworked B’Day track “Get Me Bodied” into the kid-friendlier “Move Your Body,” complete with choreography to get all of destiny’s children dancing their asses off diva-style. Check out the intro featuring Beyonce and the (unfortunately Beyonce-free) choreography vid below.


  1. Ana

    Is it just me, or does Beyonce look BLEACHED! =/

  2. Bec

    actually; not really……this is her actual skin tone; she looked bleached at the grammys but in this vid. she looks pretty normal…& I think thats her real hair too -_-

  3. Yeah, hers as in she bought it lol cause that is straight up horse hair and that photo is not her best.

  4. Tiny P

    She looks bleached alright and that IS NOT her real hair. Her hair is a nice lenghth but thats not her hair. Trust me a know weave in every form and fashion. Er1 in the family are hair dresser, its a passion. I don’t like this new grunge look she got going on. It makes her look old and worn out! I know, i know…this is B we’re talking about. But jus cause shw is doing doesn’t mean it looks good or it is good. She should reconsider another look bc this one isn’t “wats up”…YA HEARD ME!!!!

  5. You're Not Serious


    Ummm…no, that is most definitely NOT her hair.

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