Britney Goes Head To Head With Herself In Dance Off Vid

After over 13 years in the biz, Britney Spears is still owning the charts — but is she still owning the dancefloor? Has the Femme Fatale‘s 2004 knee injury and alleged “prescription cocktail of psyschopharmaceuticals” (not to mention years of paparazzi publicizing of the seemingly constant drama in her personal life) brought a premature end to the pop star’s choreographic capabilities? Pop Dust has put together a then and now look at Brit’s moves from live performances and music videos. Check out the side by side comparison below and decide for yourself if the “Till The World Ends” singer can still shake it like she used to.

She’s still got that signature Brit hair whip down solid (a move we’ve spent far too many hours trying to recreate while dancing in front our bedroom mirrors). That said, there’s no denying that the 29-year old pop icon is moving more like an animatronic version of former self. She’s still got the rhythm and one thing is for certain, no one does a comeback better than Britney. Fingers crossed that the “Hold It Against Me” artist can pull it together in time for her tour with Nicki Minaj.

[Pop Dust]

  • Brandon Hall

    That makes it so painfully clear the flame has fizzled and its just so odd when you look at Janet Jackson 3 decades into her career still able to spark a fire.

    I dont think the current form of Britney will be able to last much longer if this is all she can give now. Its just so mediocre and honestly embarrassing.

  • Safari Poet

    There is no comparison. In the old clips she dances as good as the dancers surrounding her, but now they just dance around her while she does less technical version of the choreography. I’m always waiting to see if she falls, which I hope never happens. It’s like she’s trying to get through it rather than enjoy it. Her strongest talent was always her dancing and now that seems to be gone. She was more a performer than a singer. Now, she’s not even that.

  • ZMH

    her inability to dance now is the topic of the town…it’s so sad, her moves in the videos like Me Against The Music are so great I easily ignore how horrible that song actually is.