Hear Far East Movement’s Original Version Of “Rocketeer” With Bruno Mars Singing

Before Ryan Tedder laid his featured vocals down on Far East Movement’s Top 10 single “Rocketeer,” naturally there was a demo version. And lo and behold, that demo sports the golden pipes of our favorite bowling partner Bruno Mars, who co-wrote and co-produced the dreamy mid-tempo jam. We’ve got the original version of “Rocketeer” featuring Grammy winner Bruno below—give it a listen!

The L.A.-based gents of Far East Movement are all over the place lately—sidling up to Rihanna backstage in Sydney, performing with Snoop Dogg, stripping things down for the Cherrytree House Sessions, Vol. 1 collection (it’s out now). So it’s nice to take a moment and check out an early recording by these guys, before they blew up.

[wpaudio url="http://cdn.idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Rocketeer_feat-Bruno.mp3" text="Far East Movement feat. Bruno Mars - Rocketeer" dl="0"]

Once we got our mitts on the “Rocketeer” demo, it became apparent that this song would have been just as big a hit with Mars’ vocals still intact.

Let us know below what you think of the original version of “Rocketeer” with Bruno on vocals!

  • Katty

    No one can top Bruno’s voice, he’s f****n amazing. Thumbs up for the orginal!!!!

  • Dreas

    This is way better

  • http://www.musicsphereblog.blogspot.com PoliceChase

    It was clearly meant for Bruno, but i think that Ryan’s vocals come over as stronger, but the high notes are perfect for Bruno,,,

  • fan

    omg this is sooo awesome! I thought Rocketeer was perfect the way it was, but Bruno Mars made it 100000000000 times better! I wish Far East Movement had let Bruno Mars sing it instead of Ryan Tedder.

  • ZMH

    both of ryan tedder and bruno mars’ range are depressingly incredible for anyone who sings for their own entertainment, me included…

  • SirJ

    The label were probably worried about over saturating the market with Bruno Mars I mean he’s literally been everywhere for the past year. I think its a good thing they replaced him with Ryan Tedder he did a better job with those high notes.

  • Willow

    Okay call me silly…but Bruno sings amazing, Ryan Tedder is phenomenal but I actually like Rocketeer with Frank Muzik singing the chorus the best. Maybe because I saw them on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson first and fell in love with the song….that I like that version best. But Ryan Tedder is just incredible and one fine looking boy :)

  • Ryan

    ok bruno mars wanted of rocketeer after he made it. then they put Ryan tedder on. Bruno wanted back on but it was to late for him to get back on since they gave it to Ryan already.

  • SGdg

    Is it me or does Bruno Mars and Ryan Tedder apparently sound the same?