Miley Cyrus And Avril Lavigne Perform With Music Legends On ‘Oprah’

Apr 13th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Today on Oprah, the talk show host conducted a musical science experiment — what if we mixed together female rockers from the past with obnoxious pop stars of the present? The outcome resulted in kind of random, but not terrible performances by Pat Benatar and Avril Lavigne singing “Love Is A Battlefield”, while Joan Jett performed with Miley Cyrus on a medley, including “Cherry Bomb” and “Bad Reputation.” A fitting choice, since we honestly believe that Miley does not give a damn about her bad reputation. Watch both performances below.

Before we get to the match-ups, the best duo of the night was obviously Salt-N-Pepa (backed by Spinderella), performing a medley of their hits! We can’t possibly be the only people that still know all the lyrics to “Shoop”, right?

Avril Lavigne and Pat Benetar

Avril and Pat sound great, but we still want to send Ms. Lavigne a bottle of shampoo and politely request she wash the green dye out already.

Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett medley

“It’s amazing,” Miley said. “I auditioned for my show with ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ and the first album I ever made, I had ‘I Love Rock & Roll,’ so it’s something that’s always meant something to me, just seeing Joan stand up for chicks who want to play the guitar. It’s something that’s always inspired me. I’m happy I could be here with her. It means a lot to be here.”

Now, wouldn’t you have rather seen what Joan Jett could do with “Party In The U.S.A.”?

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  1. Quero falar sobre Miley Cyrus esta mulher linda cheia vida e especial quero falar que ela é a dona da chave do meu coração ,e que me traz cativo aos seus anseios e caprichos .
    Miley Cyrus com certeza é a mulher que mais desejo ,eu não sei como explicar mas é uma atração com forças além das minhas e acho que jamais conseguirei evita-la.
    Kisses very much for you Miley Cyrus wonderful woman ,I love you forever.

    Arnold Champs Oliver.

  2. É o seguinte, maldade envolver a Avril na categoria daMiley de pop detestável atual ok! E ainda tiraram sarro da mecha verde da Avril, tipo WTF! Antes assim do que verde e rosa, comercial de chiclete.Enfim, e a performance da Avril foi muito boa (:

  3. petey

    who the crap is joan jett?

  4. deb

    Joan Jett is a legend. Arivil added nothing to Love is a Battlefield and hit a sour note, she should have set out and let Pat sing. Stevie is always amazing.

    • Avril Lavigne is like the modern day Pat Benatar. Avril Lavigne didn’t hit a sour note, she was harmonizing. Avril did amazing. Remember that she was kind of just backing Pat up,she wasn’t singing lead so it wasn’t meant to be perfect. Avril Lavigne is my idol and she is so much better than most of the stars around at the moment. Joan Jett is another one of my idols and yes she is a legend. She was one of the first female rockers. Be careful what you say because what you said about Avril was wrong.

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