Prince Performs Three Songs On ‘Lopez Tonight’

Prince and George Lopez showed some brotherly love for one another on last night’s Lopez Tonight. The Purple One came on to promote his 21-Night Stand residency in Los Angeles (which he announced via phone call to the talk show host earlier this week), and performed three songs – but not before both men gushed over one another. Watch the performances and the bromance blossom below.

“I know that you could have chosen any place to be, and I know that you don’t do a lot of television, but that you would choose my show… wow,” fawns Lopez, before tongue-in-cheek asking him point blank – “Why?”

“This show represents all people, and I see all kinds of guests on here,” explained the pop legend.

“Do you ever just kick it and go to Olive Garden in a sweatsuit?” asked Lopez, half-jokingly. Laughs Prince: “Oh man, I don’t own a sweatsuit.” No surprise there!

Also not surprising: Prince delivering three kick-ass performances. Watch ’em here:

“The Beautiful Ones”


“You’re The One For Me”