Watch Kanye West’s Coachella Performance

Kanye West closed out the 2011 Coachella fest on Sunday night by performing a three-act string of his biggest hits and fan favorites. At times minimal (if you can call a set featuring nearly two dozen dancers minimal), touching and powerful, West tore through songs like “Power,” “Love Lockdown,” “Say You Will,” “Jesus Walks,” “All Of The Lights” and “Gold Digger.” Sadly, Rihanna, who was at the festival, did not join ‘Ye on stage. Watch his full set after the jump.

Enjoy the show? Now you can download the audio on Kanye’s Coachella mixtape.

[Via Rap-Up/RapDose]

  • Glenn

    Maybe its not translating to video well but this seems like the most awkward performance. I’m never one to see a rapper with a hug do-nothing entourage on stage but he looks lost up there. I cant believe he did the Katy Perry ET song w/o Katy Perry. Seems very… awkward. Rap is tough with stadiums/festivals. I’ve only seen JayZ do it well.

  • Marisa

    Well you know youve gotta give him credit or not being another rapper with a posse o people backing him up. I think he was the only rap act that didnt have a group of people repeating every word he says and that is how it should be. Thats what sets jay z and kanye apart from every other rapper.