Listen To Beyonce’s “Girls (Who Run The World)”

Beyonce’s Major Lazer-sampling new jam “Girls (Who Run The World)” is out, and it’s a chirpy, shimmery thrill ride. (Glastonbury fans better learn the lyrics). You already know that the House Of Dereon model/co-owner can handle business, but we’ll pose a question inspired by her lyrics: does Beyonce still run this motherf—er? Listen below and decide for yourself.

01 Girls Who Run The World by Kozslow

You can’t beat that breakdown: “You will do anything for me”.

Disrespect us? No they won’t. (And you’ll know it from the “big” Francis Lawrence-directed music video.)

  • Freddy

    Don’t like it!!!!!!!!! I expected more :(

  • Mike

    Beyjesus still runs the game bitches. Just bend over and take it like a man!

  • Brandon Hall

    Only issue with this song is the pacing its felt like it went into 1,2, 3 different songs. That said I can see the final version of this being complete fire. What I’m really liking about this is, it reminds me of Destinys Child. Its a little sassy, its a little funky its in your face and most of all its a lot of fun, I love it.

    I cannot wait to see how she performs this live and the video is sure to blow everyone out the water.

    Who runs the world, Beyonce, duh~

    • Becky Bain

      I totally agree with you – the breakdown in the middle isn’t my favorite — but everything else is explosive. Can’t wait to hear it at a club and see everyone go nuts singing along!

  • luvmusic

    I love Bee!

  • Tiff Taeyeon




  • Robbie Daw

    Horrifically bad. Xtina’s “Not Myself Tonight” is Bach compared to this dated mess.

  • Javier

    Oh no! This is just what I didn’t want her to sing for a comeback! More Girl Power stuff

  • Jesse

    Another good song from Beyonce. Keep it up and welcome back :)


    Another Single Ladies. nothing special…. a bit disappointed

  • Xadax

    I prefer Xtina’s Can’t Hold Us Down or I Hate Boys than this crap.

  • schroeder

    Yuck. I would of preferred she record Flat Chested Will Smith’s 21 century girl


  • Andi

    Pon De Floor >>>>> this tragic mess.

  • Brimeon

    Wait, Beyonce’s making a comeback? I must have missed when she was gone…

  • John

    Eh. It’s okay. I never liked Beyonce’s music much. She has a great voice, but it’s just not that exciting.

  • Bardot


  • MochaSmuve

    Don’t get me wrong I am a huge Beyonce fan but this sounds like something Willow Smith would sing. Waiting for Beyonce to grow a little, isn’t she like 30??? Talking about girls…we are grown women up in here.

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    NO! what is wrong with Gaga and Beyonce! it feels like theyre trying too hard lately, some of the vocals in this song are amazing! But the chorus is dated and uninspired and the beat does not mesh well with the lyrics.

  • http://Globo Amanda Santos

    Horrivellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,nossa nao vai fazer sucesso uma musica feia dessa.

  • micha

    Pessoal, a música é horrível!!! Que pena…………….o que deu nela?????

  • Fellipe Rafael de Farias

    Eu nao gostei. Achei estranha, diferente do que ela faz… Nao sei se com o clipe possa melhorar mas por em quanto, ta horrivel!

  • http://wwww.gjss.fklkk felipemanson germanota

    I love you beyonce LINDQ MUSICA *-*

  • http://wwww.gjss.fklkk felipemanson germanota


  • Leticia

    Eu curti,tudo que ela fez é sempre bom. Achei bem divertida,fã que é fã tem que sempre gostar,não vejo nada diferente do que ela sempre fez e que por sinal sempre fez muito sucesso..

  • theo

    flipin amazin!!!!!!!!!! welcum bck QUEEN B!!!!! can all da haters go lay down and DIE! B runs the world

  • Eric

    This is sooo much better than that final version!! and it should have been named Girls (Who Run The World), not Run The World (Girls)!!

  • Nancy

    i was expecting moreeeeeeeeeeee from Bee, don’t like the song at all!

  • http://glogster bubblegum queen

    well i think it was awesome