Hear David Cook’s New Single “The Last Goodbye”

The song’s title would have you believe it’s some sappy ballad, but David Cook’s new single “The Last Goodbye”—the first offering from his upcoming This Loud Morning LP—is here, and it’s pretty rockin’. The new tune from the Season 7 American Idol alum was added to iTunes today. Give a listen and weigh in on it below!

“if you hear this on the radio, then we’ve already said our last goodbye,” Cook laments about a lost love on his new single, a co-write with Ryan Tedder. Later he adds, “We were almost beautiful, a broken piece of art put on display.”

Musically, we’re almost getting a Kelly Clarkson-meets-Coldplay vibe here, though David’s vocals are unmistakably his own. We’re just happy he’s kicking things off this time around with an upbeat number.

“The Last Goodbye” marks Cook’s official return following his eponymous, post-Idol debut, which came out nearly three years ago. From what you’ve heard so far, was it worth the wait?

  • Chris

    I like this song quite a bit after just a couple of plays. The contrast of uptempo with break-up lyrics is pretty cool. And Cook’s vocals are effortlessly powerful.

  • Rockinmonk

    I really like this song. He manages to take an uptempo song and infuse it with his unique emo rock vocals. I imagine it is going to do really well at radio. I am excited to see what the rest of the CD holds.

  • Donna

    I love this song! It’s not a ballad in the traditional sense (slow) it’s up-tempo and rocks! David Cook’s vocals are amazing and I can’t wait to hear the new album in June!

  • Ignacio

    Yes, I would say it was worth the wait. I really, really like this song. Very catchy and powerful vocals.

  • Maggie

    Am really loving this new song from Cook. It has a catchy hook in the chorus, and really showcases his strong vocals and great range. He has a way of making you sit up and take notice of lyrics, and I can’t say that about too many singers. Makes me look forward to the rest of the new album.

  • Linkup

    Finally. I can’t believe I like his first single. Usually I hate artists first singles. Great beat and harmonies.

  • Amy

    I think it was worth the wait!!! I can’t get it out of my head and that’s a GOOD thing :)

  • Sunset

    this song is a piece of crap. cook has lost his balls, and whatever rock edge i thought he had. why did he have to sell out to tedder and pop music. he has lost his rock soul. if i want

  • mrssmartypantz

    This song was well worth the wait! Not only does it showcase David’s incredible voice, but this is a song that gets your foot taping from the first beat. Bravo Mr. Cook, bravo!

  • Tony

    The song is not a piece of crap. It’s a catchy pop tune, and as that it does a good job of giving David a shot at a Top 40 hit. That’s not called selling out – it’s called establishing a career in the current climate. I love rock music, but the majority doesn’t seem to agree anymore. David will undoubtedly have heavier songs on his album, but the first single needed to get the masses interested. And this will do that. Personally, it took me a couple listens to get into it. Now I can’t stop playing it.

  • Tara

    I agree in that I am happy that David is kicking things off with an uptempo song. He sounds great on the song and it is very catchy – growing on me more and more with each listen.

  • steve

    I LOVE IT!

  • ZMH

    I’m a bit disappointed because it’s generic. but he pulled it off anyway.

  • Kellie D.

    Pop…rock…pop/rock….what does it matter? I can’t stop listening to it because David’s voice is magnificent as always and it has a fantastic beat! David’s first post-Idol CD had rock songs, pop songs, and ballads – very eclectic. I’m sure this new one, This Loud Morning (due out 6/28), will too. Can’t wait!

  • LMG

    LOVE IT!

    any song that can get my head bouncing in the first 20 seconds from the beat is worth listening too.

    any song that has lyrics that I can relate to his good.

    any song that pulls all my favs together; lyrics, beat, and sexy gravely voice will be on my itunes the minute I post this.

    can’t wait for the whole CD

  • Janet

    I really like this first single and hope it does very well on the radio. Being very familiar with all David Cook’s recorded music and seeing him live, I know rock is where he always will lean, but David has all kinds of musical flavors within him. I’m really excited to hear the whole album This Loud Morning!

  • Maria

    I love it, but what I love is David’s voice, it’s all about The Voice. The man can sing anything. I’ve followed his career all through AI and beyond, and I’m a fan for life. If you haven’t seen him and the Anthemic live, you are missing a great concert. I’m really liking the new cd art, too. David is beautiful inside and out.

  • Bianca

    What do you expect from a great singer like David Cook?He’s taking another step with another quality of a song.He’s exposing versatility, being a whole packaged singer.The man is simply amazing with his songs.With that kind of voice range,you couldn’t ask for more.

  • Stephanie

    He has a good voice, but the song is not memorable. It sounds like a lot of other songs out there. It might be a moderate hit, but not strong enough to make the album. I’m disappointed.