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  • Houdini smash!!!1


  • Paula

    SHAVE IT. He looks better with the clean face.

  • gabrielle


  • adrianna

    i say shave.

  • Sisely

    Shave, definitely.

  • Melissa

    LOL sorry Adam I love ya but you look like your evil twin nemesis from a different dimension. #TeamShave

  • Micki

    SHAVE. Miss his face!

  • Michael

    Shave, goatee is not hot, sorry, babe.

  • ashoka


  • nik 101

    Bad. It might look good in person, but terrible in a photo.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ALambertFanPage Morgan

    I think Adam looks sexy either way! <333333 I think he looks sexy with facial hair. And obviously he looks sexy without it :D

  • Sparkle_Shine

    Shave Shave Shave !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louanne

    Shave. Please.

  • Nessa

    lmao!! ok seriously, i prefer adam without facial hair, but that’s just my preference. he still looks hot, them piercing eyes!

  • Newengland

    Lol! I like it – kinda. But I like his clean shaven look better

  • Paula

    Rock that look! He is so HOTTTTT!

  • MeMyselfandEileen

    Oh, all boys like to be pirates. Let him have his fun cause it’ll be shaved off… again, lol. *soonipray* :D I’m sure it’s a pain to have to shave everyday. I give him props for always changing it up and keeping us entertained! P. S. I see he’s wearing the doubloons he pirated from somewhere, teehee. LOVE YOU ALWAYS, ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re still hot to the max!!!! xoxo <333

  • jason

    ewww, shave. lambert was much sexier before when he had the baby smooth face.

  • MiaPiaZia

    KEEEEEEP it forever!!!!! Grow a full on Casey beard. j/k :)

    I liked the goatee better in the airport pics with the actress Wendy Robinson when he didn’t have eyeliner on. http://plixi.com/p/94076713

  • MeMyselfandEileen

    P.P.S. He needs to be in a pirate movie. Hear that, Johnny Depp??????

  • MeMyselfandEileen

    Agreed, MiaPiaZia!

  • tess4ADAM

    Any look that ADAM decides to try is OKAY by me … He’s still ADAM & he’s still GORGEOUS!!

  • tess4ADAM

    P.S. AND … he still SINGS like an ANGEL!!

  • snuggle62

    shave or save it? Just sing for us.

  • Haley

    I’ll go with shave, the facial hair makes him look dirty, and that’s not him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-Sullivan/100000012046480 Sharon Sullivan

      What kind of fan are you saying that Adam looks dirty. Are you nuts? How old are you 8? Most eight year olds have better manners than you. Grow up child.

  • Millie

    I think he should offer to shave it for charity. When X number of donations are made to the charity of his choice, he’ll shave it off live on E! News.

  • pcfl1

    Keep it for a while. OMG he’s hot. He reaches places in me where the sun don’t shine!

  • lah

    What ever Adam wants if fine. I love him both ways. Great person and a great singer.

  • Diana Durbin

    I want him to shave it, but he is a contrary soul, so we should probably tell him to keep it forever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-Sullivan/100000012046480 Sharon Sullivan

    First it’s not our business how adam wears his hair or has a beard, goatee or mustache. Why are we so obsessed about every tiny thing he does. Yes he makes the news worldwide every time he sneezes but that’s the media doing it. Can’t we just except Adam for himself and trust him to do what is best for him. Personally I like the goatee and I think he looks sexy as h***. But that’s an opinion and I would never tell him what to do like some other cray cray fans.

  • Lisa

    I love Adam Lambert and think he’s normally a good looking dude. But, for the love of everything that is, please shave that sucker off. Ew!

  • Lisa

    Just ew! That is grosser than his facial hair.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-Sullivan/100000012046480 Sharon Sullivan

      Adam is going to do what Adam wants so don’t waste your valuable time telling him what to do. What’s wrong with you ppl?

  • Lisa

    “Just ew! That is grosser than his facial hair.”

    Oops that was for
    pcfl1 | Posted at 11:36am

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-Sullivan/100000012046480 Sharon Sullivan

      Lisa STFU you are saying Adam looks gross. Moron

  • Anna Z

    I LOVE Adam Lambert with or without a goatee ~ He is sooo handsome ~ He can Rock any look! ~ Adam is a Beautiful person inside and out! I wish the media would write more about the record breaking amounts of money he raises for various charities or about his recent sold out US and World concert tour, or about his incredible operatic voice… This is not the first time Adam has Rocked a goatee, he likes to change up his look quite often so we will see a new look from him soon anyways… I Love all his looks and the person that he is inside even more!

  • Eddie

    Meh, I prefer clean shaven but even with the beard he’s gorgeous to me…let him do what he wants, it’s his face.

  • Jacqueline Burris

    If ya love it keep it ! It looks awesome Adam. Love the way you keep changing.If the look rocks you,keep rocking! Your face,your life. Love your style!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-Corn/100001659368831 Laura Corn

    Love the constant change up. Never a dull moment with this Glam God. He’s OK by me.

  • Lisa

    Sharon Sullivan,
    You are obviously the moron. Can’t you even read?! I said “I love Adam Lambert and think he’s normally a good looking dude” and I said “ew!” to the woman who was talking about her lady parts. This was just a fun poll and we all agree Adam can do whatever he wants with his facial hair. (It’s just Hurr after all lol!) It’s obvious that YOU really need to stop being so sensitive, have a little fun and by all means, get a life! It’s people like you that scare off the normal Adam Lambert fans.

    Sorry to everyone else for this exchange . . . .

  • Niloo

    Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy too my darling Adam. Love you so bad!

  • Jada

    Just love him! Adam was made for love. Anything else……….nonsense details.

  • Haley

    So you’re cray for telling fans what to think or what to say, no wonder Glamberts are given a bad name.

  • Haley

    My last comment was aimed at Sharon Sullivan for being so judgemental.

  • maryann

    Well, that’s my Adam!!!! Never boring, always making a big splash in the water!!! He still looks good, but I was kinda shocked when I saw the pic because I am sooo used to his clean face. But I know this is just temporary…Adam is just trying it out for fun!!! Anyway, I will just try to enjoy his temporary face because I know Adam will go back to his original look. Love you, Adam!!!

  • WindyJocelyne

    Adam I love it!

    So save it do not shave if you like it too, You are beautiful with and without..

  • Jan

    We all love Adam’s beautiful face and that is what we want to see. It just is sooo different than anything we have seen so far. There will be lots of changes he will make. We are just so used to seeing his pretty face. That is what we are used to seeing and hope to keep seeing for a long time…………just love him. I am 67 and have his name tattooed on my wrist………..

  • Jeanne

    Still the same guy, still the same voice. Hot both ways and any way. If Adam likes it, that is all that matters.

  • Deb

    @Lisa….Well said ;)

  • AZLadyWolf

    I love Adam with a goatee… I love Adam clean shaven…..I love Adam with long locks, I love Adam with half of his head shaved. I love Adam with lots of makeup, I love Adam without makeup. Those killer eyes, that heart-warming smile, the fabulous sense of humor, his spirited sense of self, and the VOICE…. those all stay the same, and that’s what’s beautiful about the man. Everything else, no matter how it’s styled, is just icing on the cake.

  • Siam


  • WorstFacialHair