7 Black Eyed Peas Lyrics Dumber Than Anything In “My Humps”

Will.i.am recently told MTV that The Black Eyed Peas would no longer be performing their 2005 hit “My Humps” because, to quoth willz, “It got to the point where we didn’t want to play ‘My Humps’ no more. You know, ’cause ‘I met a girl down at the disco,’ I just didn’t want to say that no more, lyrically. It wasn’t like my best lyrically.” This statement is ridiculous, since if will.i.am decided to stop performing all the songs he’s recorded with terrible lyrics, his concerts would be silent. Need proof? We found much more idiotic lines in several other BEP songs. Top 7 below!


7) “I ain’t stupie, I know what the truth be.” (“Do It Like This”, The Beginning)

6) “Imma be a brother but my name ain’t Lehman / Imma be a bank lending out semen.” (“Imma Be”, The E.N.D.)

5) “I’m so 3008, you’re so 2000 and late.” (“Boom Boom Pow”, The E.N.D.)

4) “I’m a lover not a fighter / Loved on a dyke, turned her to a dick-liker.” (“Do It Like This”, The Beginning)

3) “Epilepsy in your Bentley… let’s get retarded!” (“Let’s Get Retarded”, Monkey Business)

2) “Let me fuck your ear up til my sperm is up in your brain.” (“Hands Up”, Elephunk)

1) “Stinkin’ like fat ladies, shittin’ out logs / We drop enough shit and keep them toilets clogged.” (“Smells Like Funk”, Elephunk… actually, the entire song is pretty reprehensible.)

You know what, will.i.am? Despite lines like “My lovely lady lumps, in the back and in the front,” we’re not afraid to admit that we actually like “My Humps”! It’s pure silly fun, and that’s what your live performances should be hoping to achieve, anyway. If you’re going to nix any song from your catalog in concert, make it the Dirty Dancing abomination that is “The Time (The Dirty Bit)”.

Did we miss any absolutely terrible lyrics? Tell us in the comments!