David Archuleta Sings The National Anthem At The NHL Playoffs In Anaheim

David Archuleta may not have won American Idol, but a young idol couldn’t get much more American than singing the national anthem alongside a bunch of Marines at a hockey game. (Okay, maybe if it was baseball.) And that’s just what the “Senseless” singer did at the Honda Center in Anaheim yesterday. Alas, “The Star Spangled Banner” may not be the new music Archie recently promised via his video blog, but hey — at least he knows all the words. Oh say, can you see the video of this performance? Why, yes — just head below.

  • waffles

    There should be a new rule. ONLY David Archuleta should be allowed to sing the National Anthem!! Just the perfect combo of respect and making it his own. HE IS THE BEST!!!

  • acdja

    Absolute perfection EVERY TIME. When ever this needs to be sung, it should be sung by David. He could make a huge career by just singing the National Anthem. Lets not just make it a rule. Lets make it law. Americans should be ashamed about the way so many other artists have botched this song. They don’t even have the respect or pride needed to perform the most important song that represents our great country. GO DAVID, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Becca-Serrano-Pardo/1412320033 Becca Serrano Pardo


    This Is how you sing the National Anthem!
    PLUS David sing 100 times better than that video of Christina singing Crazy! David’s rendition is soooooo soulful!

    I think DirtyGirl has some competition and I’m pretty she is hearing it!

  • Terrell

    Loved this SSB, Archuleta’s vocals are crazy good as usual! You can’t help but really feel the music whenever he sings (also love his new album “The Other Side of Down”).

    Thanks for posting!

  • Katheryn

    By my count, David Archuleta has sung the National Anthem at the following professional sporting events: basketball, football, baseball, soccer, NASCAR, and now hockey. He’s also sung “God Bless America” at a baseball game, and “America The Beautiful” at the US Open. David is a master at infusing each performance with subtle nuances, making them fresh and new every time.

  • Hunnzy

    Crazy crazy vocals!! The tone of his voice is so beautiful! Its just like you hear this song for the very first time! The way he emphasizes certain parts that are so real and important! He has said many times he likes to reflex on the meaning each of God Bless America and the National Anthem each time he sings it! We feel his passion and emotions thru his singing! Everytime it is a little different and so powerful!!!!!

  • Melanie

    Check out Davids way of singing “Crazy” on you tube!!! So soulful there too! He sang it many times during the VIPs before his concerts! Also on Idol but that wasnt shown because of liscening issues!
    So proud to be his fan! He represents everything good in this world and shows us everyday how to do the same by example and role model! Show so much respect to other artists by sending his fans to hear other songs! What artist does that without fearing that they will lose them to another artist!
    I now listen to Jason Maraz, Collbe Colliat, Sara Baralies and many others because of David covering their songs and showing respect to them!

  • JHM

    Bravo David! That’s how it’s done, David did a fabulous job as he always does. The best young artist out there for me and I’m really looking forward to what’s up ahead for David and his fans. He just leaves me captivated every time, not to mention what a great guy he is. It’s a pleasure to listen to this guy sing and a pleasure to be a fan.

  • sarah

    I have seen him sing the NA many times and he has never missed a note or word. Always pitch perfect. Moreover, he changes up the song a little bit every time!! Christina A should learn that the NA is not exactly a song that you can add all the bells and whistles. David A is always in complete control restraining ‘too much’ of gymnastics.

  • nenie mae l.sinoben

    David A.is ithe best everytime i will not change my mined..

  • Trish

    He’s fantastic!

  • mayh

    Perfect!!! I wish i could find an other word to describe his performance , but was amaging-